Coin Folding Trick

After a longer pause, I'm back with yet another money trick. Money is something we all need, it's just that we never have enough of it. Thats why money tricks are always awesome, just watch out so you don't get into trouble. This one uses coins and not paper money but the effect is the same, your friend loses a buck, and you get a buck. All you need is a piece of paper, one coin (just make sure that the paper is big enough so you can fold it correctly over the coin) and a magic wand or something similar which you will keep in your pocket. You just need to learn how to fold the paper so you can use it right during the trick. The video will show you how to do it as well how to improve your performance.

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  1. Anonymous P-entertainment 

    At last :P Guess this trick works very well. But it was kinda obvious that he put it in his pocket.

  2. Anonymous kiki 

    you can clearly see him slip the con in his pocket

  3. Anonymous frusturated 

    where the hell is a new trick. its been like 3 weeks!!!!!!!! if u dont come up with one soon, im not going to come to this website annymore.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    New Trick Please...

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Where the heck is the next trick??? At least your brother posted when he "went to prison"... It's been over 3 weeks...

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Eh, new trick please?
    It's over a month since the last one >_>

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Close down this site. It is a great idea-but it never get updated.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous 

    where is the next trick?!?!? i thought it said new trick every day!!!!

  9. Blogger courtney 

    good trick, post a new one soon?

  10. Anonymous Anonymous 

    i guess this is the end of mighty magic tricks. too bad, you know, cuz some people like me really enjoy a good, quality website like this. What a shame....

  11. Anonymous Anonymous 

    can we pleeeeaaassseeee have a new trick now!!!!!!!???

  12. Anonymous bored 

    hhheeeeeelllllooooooo...anybody home?

  13. Anonymous Wuttheheck 

    wheres the next trick wut ever im taking this off my igoogle

  14. Anonymous Anonymous 

    why dont you add more trixs??

  15. Anonymous Anonymous 

    hhhhhhhhheeeeeellllllllloooooo!!!! new update please!

  16. Anonymous Anonymous 

    boooo, i hate this website. You should be ashamed Vix. At least your brother acts like a man

  17. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Heres a new trick:
    Make This Website Disappear!

  18. Anonymous magicians 

    I am a professional demonstrator and inventor of magic. So, I am very qualified to help you to improve your magic site.
    The mistake of many demonstrations of magic, is that the performer insists on showing himself rather than the effect. In the case of the folding coin effect, you could start out with the intro showing your face, but the effect should be shown as closely as possible and leave yourself out of the shot.
    You can end the effect with a nice sign-off.
    The explanation: you reached into your pocket without explaning that that was where the coin wound up.
    You have a two camera shoot going, so you can show angle and other great teaching steps when you perform, but again, it is not necessary to see your face, only the effect.
    -Magic Ian

  19. Anonymous helo 

    f this webstite

  20. Anonymous BOO trik please!!

  21. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Ok. Usually I am not a whiner, but this is getting ridiculous. If you don't have time anymore to post new tricks, then just let us know.

  22. Anonymous Anonymous 


  23. Blogger Michael 

    that was pretty good

  24. Blogger Neat-Nit 

    Check this website once a month. There should be a new trick every 24 times you check.

  25. Anonymous Anonymous 

    vix must be dead.

  26. Anonymous Anonymous 

    the removed video can be found @

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