It's time for another magic trick, and it's a card one. The trick looks simple, but the narrator may try to confuse you with his speech about This'n'that. Ignore him and try to crack the puzzle how did he manage to fool you, because I'm sure he did. He must have held the three different cards from the beginning, but he somehow managed to show us only two of them by clever card manipulation. I advise that after watching it for the first time, you watch it again but put the sound on mute so you can concentrate on only his hand movement.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Might help if you actually include the video instead of fifty million links to other things.

  2. Blogger Andrea O 

    Am I missing something? How can there be a narrator in a .jpg? Where is the "movie"?

  3. Blogger Chris 

    i might be being dumb, but where is this 'video' did you forget the link?

  4. Blogger Vern 

    Nothing to "watch" here...

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Wheres the vid?

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    First a political statement about Bush, then a video game instead of an illusion on the sister-site. Now this site offers a magic trick with no link to see it.

    WTFO guys?

  7. Anonymous Numenor 


    There's no trick there....

  8. Anonymous =P 

    ummm, where's the video?

  9. Anonymous boo 

    wheres the video?

  10. Blogger Vix 

    my apollogies, as i forgot to add the video. I fixed it as soon as i saw the comments.

  11. Anonymous lololoo 

    i dont get it.

  12. Anonymous Numenor 

    Once you put the video up, it was a very intriguing trick...
    Obviously, it was some excellent card manipulation. I just can't see where he got the chance to show one card multiple times.

    I can see how he did the first part when he showed us the three cards: he just showed us the second card for the first (which was the Other), then flipped it back and showed the second again. But as for the rest... I'm still trying to look through the video for any hints...

    I notice that he adjusts the cards so that one is further up than the others just before he shows us the top card both times.


  13. Blogger Meg 

    HA HA!! Thats awesome. Very Funny. I have no idea how he did it, though.

  14. Anonymous Anonymous 

    he does a lot of double lifting and shifting the cards. a couple times he pulls the top card forward a bit, but also the bottom card, and pulls the "this" card off the bottom and has the "other" card on top of it looking as if it is this card when it is actually two cards. he places it back on top and shows the middle card is "this" card, but the top one is still the "other" card. he does other various things such as pulling the top card off and showing the bottom "this" card three times so it looks like there is three "this" cards when he showed the same one.

  15. Blogger Andrew 

    I could see where he triple and double lifted the cards once, but that was the only time I caught what he was doing. I could not catch the rest. How intriguing...

  16. Anonymous Anonymous 

    You can see the explanation at

  17. Blogger laxmi 

    gee..I count hear a thing

  18. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Awesome trick! I have no idea how he did it.

  19. Anonymous Anonymous 

    that's no trick it's easy :)
    luv ya all :P

    wild rose...

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