I've read in your comments and e-mails how you find this site stagnating and that you want more tricks or that vurdlak returns to managing this place. Well I will try to fulfill your first request with this trick. It is very simple as you only need a rope long enough and two hands. Just tie the ends together so they hold during the trick (so you don't embarrass yourself) and let the magic flow. The video below is very helpful in the demonstration as it shows how it's exactly done and it gives you some ideas to make your performance more original.

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  1. Anonymous pop 

    finnaly a new trick!!!!thnx

  2. Blogger silver 

    cool! I was like WOW at first, but after you showed how to do it, I ws like how simple! Well done!!

  3. Anonymous =P 

    i like! this trick looks really cool, and it is also very simple. perfect!
    i love how the guy in the picture looks so uncomforable while doing the tutorial on himself with his arms behind his head. lol

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    i like that alot! nice work vix!

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