Money Making Trick

After several rounds of drinks at your local pub with your friends, you could find yourself out of money. But in those cases you could easily impress your good (and a bit drunk :) ) friends by turning normal paper into money. This video details how you do it exactly as you need 5 or more pieces of paper that are cut so they have the same dimensions as the money you are going to turn it in. Also, an idea that I find funny is that, after you pay the tab, your friends might ask you to make more money. But this time use their money (say something like you are gonna multiply it) and do the reverse version, "destroying" their money into several pieces of paper...Just remember to give it back or you could have trouble with you good (and drunk) friends.

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  1. Blogger Chris 

    very good, but screwy if u r in UK, as u don't wanna waste a fiver(minimum cost note)($10) so apart from that very good

  2. Anonymous william the 2nd 

    thats really cool! nice wrk!

  3. Anonymous P-entertainment 

    bad here in Norway to, you would have to waste 50kr($9). But else it is an amazing trick.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Or here in Denmark, the minimum amount is also 50 kr, which is 50 kr.
    But still, it's very cool

  5. Anonymous funkdoggiefanatic 

    Ummmmmm.......Pretty Good, could you maybe leave some cut outs of the paper, im havin trouble cuttin the paper exactly the same size as the money

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Cool trick!!! But are these tricks actually real?

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