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Thanks to Mourits de Beer (nice name) for sending this simple yet effective trick with both cards and coins. The trick explanation is rather long but very simple to master. I, by the way, have just returned from my vacation so I am back on my lovely ADSL connection speed (unlike my brother who is still on modem-speed...hehehe) so expect better tricks with video attachments anytime soon. Anyway back at the trick. You will need a deck of cards, a card container, two coins (identical) and you must be sited behind a table covered so it is impossible to see through...

The magician pulls out a deck of cards and asks a member of the audience to split the deck in half randomly and separate the two halves. After the are separated the magician takes the top deck and asks a member of the audience to lift the card on the top of the bottom half, memorize the card and place it back on top of the bottom half, without the magician knowing what was the card. Now the magician places the top half on top of the bottom half again and places it in the card container, so that the magician cannot temper with them or anything.

Now the magician pulls a small coin out from under the table and shows it the audience, and then hands it out to the audience for them to inspect it. The audience hands it back and the magician holds the coin in his left hand, showing it to the audience.

Then he puts it in his right hand with his fingers blocking the view of the coin. He then hits his tips of his fingers on the card pack and shows the audience that the coin has disappeared. Now he opens the pack, removes the cards and right in the middle: there is a coin, the same coin that has just disappeared. And guess on which card it is lying on? Yes, the exact same card chosen by the audience earlier.

How to do it:
When sitting at the table, place the 2 identical coins on your leg, so that the audience cannot see them. After the audience splits the deck you distract them by explaining that they have to
lift the top of the bottom-halve deck and memorize the card, without letting you to see the card. Be sure that the audience is seated.
Now, while the audience lifts the card, you take the top half of the deck and place it under the table, casually. Then you take a coin from your leg and place it below the bottom card of the top deck, holding it with your middle finger, in the centre of the bottom card. Now after the audience is done, you rejoin the two halves of the deck, making sure that as you join them the audience is not focusing on the deck of cards, as you explain it to them on and on about what your going to do (don't mention the coin) so that they are looking at you and not the deck. As the coin is in the middle and you place the deck of cards back into it's container close it so you can't temper with it. Now you take the second coin from under the table and give it to the audience so they can inspect it.

Once it's handed back, you perform a 'french drop' (a french drop is where you show them the coin in the left hand, and then you make it is if you take it with the other hand while it is still in your left hand), making sure that your talking a lot so as you do this they are focussing on you and not what you are doing.

Afterwards place the coin back on your leg while they aren't looking. Now you take the 'imaginary coin' in your right hand and hit it into the deck, and show them that the coin has disappeared. Now you open the pack of cards, and reveal to them that the coin is in the middle
of the deck and it is lying on the card previously selected by the audience

This trick is really easy to master but I advise that you to practice it once or twice in front of a mirror to perfect it. I hope you enjoy it!

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