Water Magic

Because of my not so blazing fast dial-up connection, I am unable to post you those neat tricks with a video demonstrating them. However I will post you those simpler tricks, which you can do at any time. This trick is one of them. It is a great refreshment during this hot summer (or maybe rainy for the unlucky ones). All you need is a non transparent cup, a sponge, few ice-cubes and some water. All you have to do is squeeze the sponge at the bottom of the cup (the sponge has to be big enough so it doesn't fall out and so it can absorb enough water) and then put the ice cubes on the sponge. Now you are ready. Pour some water into the cup (not too much, so the sponge can't absorb it), wave your hands around it, mutter a few words and turn the cup upside down. Magic I tell you.

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  1. Blogger Neat-Nit 

    lol nice :D

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Don't you mean so the sponge *can* absorb the water?

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    How do I see the trick? The post is full of links that lead to other stuff. Which link is the one that leads to this trick??

  4. Blogger Evgon 

    Every magic site has this one tho... heres a suggestion by the way: try putting the ice on one side of the cup and try to miss the ice when you're pouring in water. Pretty much all I am saying is : dont get the ice wet with the water.

  5. Blogger Parasane 

    Ah, a classic trick.

  6. Anonymous Melissa 

    this trick sucks

  7. Anonymous Mark Baker 

    An alternative trick I've done using similar methods would be to tape or glue a small cup inside the larger one, surrounded by sponge between the two cups. This smaller cup is filled with, say, orange soda. You then pour coke into the cup (on the sponge) and then pour out orange soda (from the smaller cup). Voila!

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