The Traveling Knot

Rope tricks are one of the most common used magic tricks. So this trick could also be the most frequently used trick and one of the simpler ones. All you need is a rope long enough and a wire hanger. You will demonstrate your magical skill by moving the wire hanger, which is hanged on the central knot , to the right/left one, which ever suits you better. You need to prepare your rope by tying 3 regular knots on the rope, one near the other, and also one special '' slip'' knot (which isn't a normal knot as it vanishes when the two ends are pulled) at the far left or right end. Now when you pick up the rope, grab it at the far right knot so it doesn't show, and at the left end of the rope. The wire hanger should already be hanged at the central knot. Now quickly pull the whole rope and at the same time release the hidden rope. Now the slip knot will disappear, and the hidden one will appear, magically moving the wire hanger from the center to the left.

This picture demonstrates the four knots, where the A knot is the slip knot and the D knot is the one hidden in your palm.

How to make a slip knot:

Start by placing an 18" string or rope in a straight line on a flat surface. Grab the rope at a spot about 4" from one end.

Twist it so that a "circle" is created.

Pull the string through the center of the circle and you are done!

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  1. Blogger Chris 

    quality! complicated to set up tho:(

  2. Anonymous =P 

    sounds pretty good

  3. Blogger TommyO 

    brilliantly simple! complicated setup only if you have one arm.

  4. Blogger aspirin111 

    umm there is a broken link on the site.


    when we press the "criss angel walks up wall" link it takes us to the "david blaine spoof"

    please adress to this problem

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 


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