Hey people! Did you see something unusual in this post? If you take a closer look next to the publish date you will see that Vurdlak is not the author. He had been taken by the police for illegal herb growing (if you know what I mean) so I, his brother, will take this sister site and publish new and cooler tricks for you. The good news is that the police gave him a laptop and internet connection so he can still run the illusion site from prison. So don't forget to send him a nice e-mail or a packet with a file in it.

Anyway, this is another one of those tricks that prove that we can't always trust our eyes.
The narrator demonstrates a simple trick with three cards and tells us to choose one. But there are more tricks here then it meets the eye. How did he manage to find the card? Try to explain it, but not the psychological side.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Nice vid, and congratulations on you leading this site to new horizons.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    ok that really was one of the most pathetic tricks i've ever seen. i don't understand what's to figure out.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Hey Vid, cool that you have your first post, try to keep this site alive.. I like magic more then Optical Illusions.. But hey, it's to bad it's all an optical illusion.

    This trick is easy, he just has bigger cards, and he switches them while you can't see them.. ;)

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Umm yeah it freaked me out at first but I fugured it out (i think...) When the magician picks up the card from the table to hold up to the camera, he switches it with another bigger or smaller card.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    The trick is easy. While he takes the cards in his hands to show them to us, he have time to change them for biggest or smallest card.

  6. Anonymous Graybaka 

    Woah! That's awsome!

  7. Blogger Jenkinsm 

    That's so easy, as he pulls the cards off the table he switches them with a small king and a large ace, you can easily tell because he only puts them in front of the camera briefly and then puts it right down. I didn't catch it until the second time, but it was pretty obvious the second time that he switched them and I could tell that the King he showed to the camera was small and the ace was large.

  8. Anonymous =P 

    My guess is that when he brings the cards out of the camera's view, he grabs the different cards.

  9. Anonymous kdmaster 

    Did he really go to prison?

  10. Anonymous Anonymous 

    So easy! When he took the king away, he just replaced it with a smaller king before he put it back in view of the camara, and he replace the ace with a bigger one.

  11. Blogger Chris 

    pffft! load of crap. i chose the king! and its obvious that he switched the cards after he shows them to camera close up, and puts the big/small one down etc. naf! do better next time... *tut tut*

  12. Blogger Williwa 

    Um... How?

  13. Blogger AWS_SK83R 

    i know how this happened, when he takes the cards off screen to give you the closer look, he replaces the card with a smaller or larger card.

  14. Anonymous kilah 

    you can also tell that he switches the king and the ace b/c when he shows the cards to the camera, the 10 is the only card that he keeps within our view when he picks it up. =/

  15. Anonymous Card Tricks 

    Not a bad little effect!

  16. Anonymous Anonymous 

    ummmmmm......ya i agree with number four....because with the 10, u immedately put it down while the card is in the piture but with the king and ace, u take them out of the picture

  17. Anonymous Anonymous 


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