Money Earning Trick

OK, I was kinda sick for the last 2-3 days, and that's why I haven't posted any new tricks (and why my previous trick wasn't so good). I will try to find you the newest and coolest tricks around, and not only the card ones. That's why with this trick, you will not only do magic, but can also earn you some money (depending on your victim's sense of humor and intelligence). All you need is some money, a friend with more money and a container/box (an empty box of matches will do just fine). Put 20$ (or any other amount, but don't push it) in a box, then ask your friend to give you the same amount of money which you will put in the box too. Now start telling him how there are $40 in the box and what can a man do with other words: keep yapping . Now ask him if he would like to buy the box for a bargain of $30. If you played your part good, he won't suspect a thing and he will buy it. Now thank him, pack the money and get just made $10. Just don't expect any favors from the guy in a while.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    thats funny

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    it says random illusion in the top corner it should say "random trick"

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    thats clever its hard to spot your taking there money

  4. Blogger Evgon 

    i dont get it, maybe im slow this time of the day or somethin.

    some1 plz explain it by emailing me
    imthestairwaytoheaven at gmail dot com

  5. Blogger Vix 

    It an easy trick, just do the math...

    And for the ''Random Illusion'' link, my bro is working on it as am I.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I don't think anyone would EVER be stupid enough to fall for that one!

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Sure it's funny...but it is not a magic trick at all. It's a prank. If we could actually have some real magic tricks that would be great.

  8. Anonymous =P 

    at first it took me a while too see why it worked. it was real subtle while reading it. i don't think it would be so subtle if you were taking money out of your pocket though. you might catch the scam at that point.

  9. Anonymous XD 

    wow.. I didnt think anybody would be that dumb to fall for it, but after these comments, im going to go try that.

  10. Blogger Vix 

    It really is subtle, as even I didn't see the trick part of the gag/prank...

    Also if you try this on two victims at the same time, you could even get more money out of them without them realizing the prank.

  11. Blogger Gabriel J. Smolnycki 

    for anybody who doesn't know:
    You put in only TWENTY dollars. The other person puts in TWENTY dollars. You offer them to buy it for THIRTY dollars, BUT you only put in TWENTY. They have lost TEN dollars (40[total] - 20[amount] - 30[price] = -10[net gain).

  12. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I Farted.

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