Mind Reading Trick

How many fingers am I holding behind my back? What number am I picturing in my head? To ''mind read'' your friends and astound them with it, use this simple trick. You need a deck of cards, but you have to put the four sixes on top of it before the trick. When you start your performance, put the first four cards in a pile on the table, faced down (these are the sixes), then put the next six cards on another pile next to it in the same way. Tell the audience (or the victim) that you will read his mind and see which pile he will chose. Then write on a piece of paper ''you chose the six pile''. Tell him to pick a pile and show him the note (or ask someone else to read it). You will be right which ever pile he picked, because he could either choose the pile with the sixes in it or the pile with the six (random) cards.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 


    you already told that one and it was better before

  2. Blogger Chris 

    pfft! kinda dumb. but obviously its guaranteed to work in your favour(favor for US) but if they pick the pile with the sixes in it, then they will see that there are 6 cards in the other pile won't they!?

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    dumbest trick ever!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I'm not even going to call this a trick! This is the dumbest thing to do with cards ever!

  5. Blogger Colin 

    i don't personal think this is a very good trick because if they don't chose the pie with all 6's then its rubbish.

  6. Anonymous Numenor 

    I hate to point this out, but I do believe that your brother has done this trick on May 16 of last year.

  7. Blogger poo 

    sorry vix, but that REALLY sucked, couldn't you think of something better!!!???

  8. Anonymous Anonymous 

    First of all you don't update for 10 days and then you use and old trick!

  9. Anonymous Anonymous 

    wow can you guys be even more mean? He is trying to show you tricks and you put him down saying "Wow you dont update then you put a crap trick" Maybe he was busy. chill and take what you get. Theres not millions of tricks out there

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