Mind Memory Trick

Short term and long term memory is something we use every day, be it remembering our PIN codes or what grocery's we need to buy. Thats why manipulating your audiences memory will surely freak them out. This is not a psychological trick, but a coin one and good coin manipulation is required. Start your trick by talking about the short term memory and how we remember it only while we need it. Then show the audience three coins: a silver, brass and copper one (the material is not obligatory, but the coins must differ from one other). Then ask someone to pick one coin and concentrate on it. You then put the coins in his palm and you take your wrist watch off your wrist. You move the time 3 hours upfront and ask the ''holder'' to tell you again which coin was his favorite one. When he opens his palm the favorite coin is gone, as it never existed!

As I said, this trick will require good coin manipulation as you will move it around your right hand (if you are a right-hander) with only one arm.

The coins are shown resting on the open hand. The spectator selects one. The thumb moves the coins around, eventually sliding the selected coin so it rests over the first and second fingers.

Now it gets a little tricky. You close your palm and rotate it so it facing down. As you do this you slide the selected coin with your thumb over the second finger and lower as far you can without the thumb losing the coin.

Now the fourth finger curls up, and the tip of the fourth finger presses the edge of the coin against the third finger. The thumb moves up. The coin is now held behind the hand, held on the edge between the third and fourth fingers.

The photograph above shows a back view of the hand with the held out coin. In performing the routine, the hand is not opened yet at this point, rather it remains curled in a fist which holds the coins, the back of the hand is kept towards the spectators so the back palmed coin cannot be seen.

Now you ask someone to open his palm and you slip him the other two coins, but carefully so you don't accidentally slip the third one or show it to the audience/helper. As you slide the coins your hand should block the view so no one suspects that only two coins were dropped.
Once the coins are given, you close his palm and take a step back. Tell the holder to concentrate on the three coins and the selected one particular. You pull the sleeve of your coat with the coin hand reveling the watch. As you unbuckle the watch you let the third coin slip in the sleeve and further in (so it doesn't fall out).

Now you can start saying how short term memory is short lived and you turn the time 3-4 hour upfront. Now you ask the holder what was his favorite coin. As he opens his palm, he discovers that the mentioned coin is missing!

It takes a lot of practice to master this trick, but once you've done it, you will have a simple trick which you can do at any time and place and it will leave your audience.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 


  2. Blogger Evgon 

    i dont rlly get it :(

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Can you show a video of this?

  4. Blogger Vix 

    It's a hard trick to understand and perform, but read it again and you'll get it.

    Practice in front of a mirror to master the trick, then move on to kids or even elderly persons as they might not see the hidden coin.

  5. Anonymous martin 

    thats way to confusing!! i do love the site though!

  6. Anonymous Curtis 

    nice trick, but:
    how do you know which coin the spectator chose so that you can hide it?

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