Magical Pen Trick

I remember that during my elementary school, an illusionist came to our school to entertain us. Most of his tricks were crappy and easily figured out, but one trick stood out from the rest. The magic pen trick. He took one 10 kuna bill, and he folded it. Then he used his pen to poke a hole in the bill and he let it stay there (like the picture). After a few moments showing us the pen and the bill he pulled the pen out and showed us the bill. It was unscratched! He said that it was a magical pen which he bought in a special place (I'm thinking eBay). Here is a video demonstrating the trick, so help me out to explain it (this time for real :) )

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Wtf? That was weird. But I think it has something to do with the thing he did when he covered the bill and the pen with this hands after "smacking" it through...

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    magnetized false tip is my bet.

  3. Anonymous Sergey 

    It's simple...
    Pen has two parts, that connect magnetically...
    You can see how he leaves the small part between the fingers of the palm, in which he holds a bill...
    Then he simply lets them connect THROUGH the bill magnetically...

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    ah, the power of magnets!

  5. Blogger Diceguy 

    I remember this trick. The pen is in two parts held together with a magnet. When he runs the pen underneath the bill and ascertains where you want it to go through he leaves the tip of the pen underneath it. Then quickly stabs the pen into the bill and the magnets connect, and presto: penetrated 10 dollar bill. Then all he has to do is slide the bill out and the pen is completed and the 10 dollar bill is no more the worse for wear.

  6. Blogger David 

    My guess would be a loose head and body, both with magnets in it. Maybe even a small electro-magnet and batteries with a button so you can turn it on and off.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    You can buy this trick in almost any magic shop, most of them stock 2 or 3 different versions. Just look, they are normally under 'close-up magic'.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Looks fairly simple. The pen is in two pieces held together with a strong magnet. When he says that the spot to stop, he palms the tip in the hand holding the bill. Then he takes the rest of the pen away in the other hand and conceals the now tipless end in that palm. When he punctures the bill, he actually just puts the two pieces back together with the bill in-between. The magnet then holds it together and it looks like the pen is through the bill. When he removes the pen, he actually just slides the bill out.

  9. Anonymous Johnny5 

    I am guessing that the pen is magnetic. It is actually two separate pieces, the pointy end and the long end. When he rubs the pen underneath the bill he pulls off the pen top. When he jabs the pen into the bill, he jabs it onto this pen top. The magnets make the pen stick together and appear to be a whole pen shoved through the bill. Anyone know for sure?

  10. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I love magnets! Especially when they're used for mAGIC!

  11. Blogger Jordan 

    EASY! The pen is magnetic... the tip comes off to make it appear that it has gone "through" the dollar bill... When he's rubbing the pen underneath the dollar bill, he takes the tip of it off... then he grabs the pen at the end, Making SURE to cover the flat tip, then he just "pretends" to stab the be through the bill, and then quickly, since the pen is magnetized, the tip sticks to the long part through the dollar bill...

  12. Anonymous Anonymous 

    This is a great trick to carry around with you. it works all the time. the secret is the tip that you see on the other side of the bill. it is a magnet. there are two tips one on each side of the pen. one side is regular and is hidden by the cap. the otherside is magnet. by using slight of hand you can make it seem like the bill was penetrated. then restor it to new. the other end is for show. proving that it was a normal pen.

    o yeah first :>

  13. Anonymous Anonymous 

    If you watch he puts the pen through the same spot. Also when the pen "went through", there was no torn paper that should have been displaced by the pen. Maybe it was a pen with a magnetic tip that could be removed and be placed on the other side of the paper. He cups the hand that holds the bill when he is rubbing the pen underneath the bill.

  14. Anonymous Anonymous 

    the dude uses a magnetic pen that seperates at the part where it is touching the bill he holds the tip while he stabs the bill with the rest of the pen the magnets attract and voila

  15. Anonymous Anonymous 

    its a magnet. the pen is two parts what he does is bends of the front part and palms it. he then hits the back part to the front part so it looks like the pen broke through. when he pulls it, its not going back but really, its going up but its so fast it makes our eyes believe he pulled it back.

  16. Anonymous Anonymous 

    they spelled watching wrong.

  17. Anonymous Luis Costa 

    Hi, I am Brazilian and I will do my best to make myself clear :-)

    He covers the top of pen under the bill and holds it with hist thumb. Then he removes the pen and flips it backwards leaving the top of the pen under the bill. There are 2 magnets that stick together when he does the movement, giving the impression that the pen made a hole in the bill. As they are kind of strong it is possible to slide the pen out of the bill in a fast movement showing that there is no hole in it.

  18. Blogger Jenkinsm 

    So easy, the tip is magnetic, he pulls it off and has it in his hand when he waves it under the bill, and it stays attached when he slides it off.

  19. Blogger Victor 

    i think it's magnetic...

  20. Blogger lee 

    i think that the tip of the pen is detachable and has a megnet in it

  21. Blogger kretes 

    I think pen has two parts connected with a strong magnet. When he pretends to search for the place he detaches the smaller part and puts it between fingers. Then as he 'stabs' the bill the magnet links the parts with paper inside. To take it off he pulls bill (slides) it fast so we can't see exactly what he does.

  22. Blogger dodgersfanply 

    i think that the end of the pen comes off And that it is holded together by magnets

  23. Blogger dodgersfanply 

    i think that the pen can break at the end and that it is holded thogether by magnets

  24. Anonymous Izzy 

    The pen is held together by magnets?

  25. Anonymous Anonymous 

    hi to everyone... sorry for my bad english... this trick is very simple... and to understand it better you can watch other videos on youtube similar to this... the "magic" pen in divided in two parts... the one that goes under the bill and the one in the hand of the boy...they are kept toghether with a magnet... in fact he puts the pen under the 10 dollars... he divides the pen in the two parts and thanks to the magnet it seems to be one... look how he takes away the pen after the trick ;)

  26. Anonymous Steve 

    This looks dairly simple to me... The pen has a magnetic end or something, see that he puts the pen UNDER the note, and look how he takes the pen out, he snaps something off the end of the pen (the end that seems to go through the note) and then you never see the end of the pen until it's supposedly gone through the note, but the action that looks like it puts it through simply magnetically (or some other way) joins the 2 ends together.

  27. Anonymous Anonymous 

    the pen is actually two pieces that come apart and are held together by magnets. Just palm the nib bit under the note then slap the top of the pen (which you conceal the nib gone) onto the note and the magnets will automatically connect and line up giving the appearance of the pen going through the note. to finish the pen is not pulled straight out but slid of the note so the two pieces stay connected. just put the lid on the pen and put it in your pocket, evryone has forgotten about the pen as they are to intrested in the undamaged note

  28. Anonymous Anonymous 

    That was neat. Can someone tell me how it was done?

  29. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Magnets connect the tip of the pen to the rest of the pen.

    That's my guess.

  30. Blogger Taliesin 

    the tip of the pen (the part that sticks through when he pierces the dollar bill) is actually attached by a magnet. when he rubs the pen underneath the bill, he takes the magnetic tip off. the magnet holds the tip on without piercing the money.

  31. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I'd guess it's a pen in two halfs which are magnetic. But how he pulls it out I don't know (unless he slides it off the end of the note) Great trick.

  32. Blogger Williwa 

    Wow! How did that happen?

  33. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I think that the pen top and bottom are seperate pieces magneticly attached and when he runs it under the bill he pulls the top out stands it up and thrusts it down and it looks as if it went through

  34. Anonymous Anonymous 

    The pen top and bottpm are seperate pieces connected with magnets. When he runs the pen under the bill he taked the top off and then quickly thrusts the pen (Through) the paper

  35. Anonymous defjamblaster 

    its done with a special pen; the tip is held on with a magnet. when the pen is placed under the bill, he removes the tip and holds it there. we dont notice it missing when he brings the pen up again; when he brings the pen to the suface of the bill again, it attracts the magnetic tip under the bill as he quickly moves it close. its reversed to get the pen back together.

  36. Blogger Rob 

    My thoughts on this trick: The pen is in two pieces held together by a magnet, when he rubs the pen under the bill, he separates the two pieces, keeping the shorter pointy end under the bill, he then pulls the rest of the pen out and moves fast, or conceals the fact that it has no end on it. He then brings the pen down onto the bill, matching it up with the short bit on the other side, and as it is magnetic it holds together with the bill in between, providing the illusion that the pen is poking through the bill.

    He pulls the bill out so fast that the magnetic bits stay in place and snap together when the bill is removed.

  37. Anonymous Michael Abegg 

    well, I'm not really into magics, but in spite of the bad image quality I find this one fairly easy - tell me if there's anything wrong about that:
    The "Pen" is in Reality a pen cut into two peaces (one on each side of the bill), holding together by magnetic force. first, the guy shows the whole pen (both halves attached to each other). While gliding underneath the bill, he takes off one half into his left hand. The "piercing" of the bill s done by re-attaching the pen-halves to one another with just the bill in between (he's kinda clumsy at this moment). "Drawing the pen back out of the bill" is in reality "drawing the bill out between the two pen halves, there's rather this gliding upwards movement than tearing the pen out through a hole.

  38. Anonymous Michael Abegg 

    that one seems easy, if you dont' think of the pen in terms of a writing pen but of a manipulated pen in two halves, sticking together through magnetic force - there's never been a hole in that bill, and there isn't a second bill either...

  39. Blogger Chris 

    cool. would it have anything to do with folding it, and there are two notes as he never lets go of the note(s) as if holding them together. hmmm thats a good one. would like to actually find out how it was done.

  40. Anonymous Anonymous 

    It is a removable pen top
    My friend bought it in las vegas

  41. Blogger Mark 

    This uses a specialty pen known simply as "pen thru dollar" pen. You can get them anywhere; I suggest or The point of the pen has been cut off and both places where it's cut (the tip and the rest of it) are filled with a magnet. The tip of the pen is called the "payload." They stick together enough to look like a real pen, but if you drop the payload into one hand behind the dollar and then stick the other end on top of the dollar it'll look like the pen penetrated the bill. Cheers!

  42. Anonymous Anonymous 

    It is a trick pen there is a magnet near the top of the pen, very clever!

  43. Anonymous Anonymous 

    It is a trick pen, there is a magnet in it very cleverly done!

  44. Anonymous Anonymous 

    magnet pen?

  45. Anonymous michael.abegg 

    Hello - why hasn't my comment been posted?


  46. Blogger Jameson 

    It has to be that he has a piece of a pen in his left hand and the pen is magnetic or something and holds the other side on and then when he pulls the pen away fast and moves the money you don't see the tip fall off the one side and thus no hole.

  47. Anonymous Van 

    yeah the tip of the pen comes off nd attaches with a magnet, ull notice after he stops under the bill he wont show u the tip of the pen, so i guess it is a "magical" pen lol

  48. Anonymous Udo 

    The pen consists of two parts: the tip and the rest. Both are kept together by a magnet. When he rubs the pen underneath the bill he grabs the tip of the pen and hold it in the left hand. The right hand covers the rest of the pen so you could not see the missing tip.

    When he rams the pen through the money he just reassemble both parts with the help of the magnets. So it seems like the pen has gone through the paper.

    When he rips the pen from the money he does it sideways so the paper slips through the pen and the magnet keeps the two parts of the pen together.

  49. Blogger Vix 

    sorry for the long time tožupdate your comments as I am currently on vacation so I use my comp very seldom.

    I got a laptop now with a internet connection, so it will go a little faster now.

  50. Anonymous Anonymous 

    its really easy if you notice he covers the bill with his hand and pulls, the end of the pen is not connected it is a magnet he pulls it off and sticks the rest of the pen with a magnet on it and they hold each other up

  51. Anonymous Anonymous 

    its seems pretty obvious, he held down the magnetic (or something close to magnets) when the pen is under the bill (look at the video, he suddenly grips the bill harder as though there is something more to grip)

    then he makes sure that nobody can see the missing end of the pen (he is holding the pen wierd after he puts the pen under the bill)

    he puts it all together like a pile

    top of pen
    paper money
    bottom of pen

    he stabs it making sure nobody sees the missing end

    at the end he pulls the pen out quickly with the detached part following because of the magnet,

    he does it quickly because the magnet would show an obvious presence of the end not moving at the exact same time as the rest

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