Hamburger Magic

Alright, this trick really got my eyes staring (and my stomach working), while the guy pulls out real burgers out of an ordinary burger menu and gives them around. Think of the possibilities of this trick if it could be used on other paper adds: food, cars, money, animals (pulling an elephant from a magazine will really get you some attention, not to mention spouses). It would also satisfy the man in the picture to the left. Man I really need to get that Japanese guy come to Croatia to pull some things out of billboards, magazines...(and prison).
I also wanted to remind you of the (un)fortunate event that made our previous author go to a better place (no, he is not dead), but as the prison is not a high security one, he will be out before you know it.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Znači otišao nam Vurdlak u zatvor... U koji?

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    This a trick that I would really like to see an explanation for. Slight of hand is clean out as the burger is larger than both hands can conceal once it is "extracted" from the picture. Really cool trick though.

  3. Blogger John 

    That is awesome. I like how when he put the burger back it had a bite taken out of it.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Seen it loads of times before, exact same video on a different website.

  5. Anonymous P-entertainment 

    Amazing trick :D That one is really tricky :D

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    i believe that there is a door where the picture is so when he covers the picture, a person behind the door opens it, hands him a burger and changes the picture while he retrieves the burger

  7. Blogger Williwa 

    Is there a hole in the wall?

  8. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I am really new here, and i don't know much about tricks. But there is something odd about this trick. (just the one thing i noticed ;) )
    the thing is: when he takes a bite out of the burger, he chews very long on it. he doesn't swallow it. so i think the burger is made of a spunge or some kind of material. with some kind of sticker attached to it...
    but then again, i am NOT very good with tricks, so this is just a guess

  9. Anonymous ELECTRICSHEEPs 


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