Before I go with a trick, I would like to ask you what kind of tricks do you prefer more: the ones with a video or picture attached to it, explaining it, or videos of someone doing magic (D. Copperfield, C. Angel, D. Blaine) with an explanation.

Anyway, a good trick is one of those that you can repeat a lot of times before the same audience and make them drop their jaws every time. This trick is one of those and it is easy to make. You will pick up one card from a pile of cards with a handkerchief, and with a few magic words make it disappear. It's quite easy to do this. All you need is a deck of cards (or just a bundle of them), a handkerchief and a toothpick. More...

Before you start with the trick, cut the toothpick so it is the same length as the width of the card (width is the shorter side of the card). Then poke it into the hem of the handkerchief. Make sure it doesn't fall out. When you perform the trick, scramble the deck on the table and cover the pile with your handkerchief.

Now pick up the handkerchief (together with the toothpick) with your thumb and forefinger and raise it in the air. The audience will think that you are holding a card behind the handkerchief. Now mutter some magic words and wave the handkerchief in the air, showing the audience that the "card" has disappeared. Just watch out so you don't accidentally throw the toothpick into the audience.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I enjoy the tricks with a video or picture explaining the trick more, but the occasional revealing of how a famous magician does a trick is also good.

  2. Anonymous Arm 

    I like both but i prefer u put good magic tricks up so videos of actual magicians and might be a very good idea. Explain where ever ur allowed to

  3. Blogger Jordan 

    I personally like a trick with a video or picture... I don't really like seeing other people do it as mutch... (aka Copperfield, Angel, etc...)

    PS: This is a bad magic trick...

  4. Blogger Jack 

    fist! that is really good because it is so simple

  5. Blogger Chris 

    hmmmm good one,

    liked the gag about your bro in the slammers

  6. Blogger Chris 

    it would be much better with a video showing the trick, and how its done.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    With a video is cooler, But maybe it's an idea to make 2 sections? One complete database with magictricks you can learn!

  8. Anonymous P-entertainment 

    I acctualy like the tricks that is easy to perform and don't need anything special to work(a lot of set-up). Of course toothpicks and handkerchiefs are ok, but vinces and stuff is just boring... But I also like to see when magicians do their tricks :D It's always fun to se someone do their cool tricks. I really like Criss Angels as he is acctualy in the streets when he does his tricks. Anyway I might send you some videoes with performance tricks, that you only have to learn and perform.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous 

    great yet simple trick! one problem- getting rid of the toothpick at the end of the trick!

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