Some call him the greatest illusionist after Copperfield, others see the unholy one in him. It's Criss Angel and yet again he breaks the laws of physics. This time he will try to prove that glass can be a liquid even at room temperature. The video demonstrates his "walk" through glass. Now, I found a video demonstrating how it could have been done, but I want to hear your opinion on the trick and how it is done. Post your ideas in the comments (Just don't cheat and look around the internet for the possible solutions).

Also this is my last post here, as I'm leaving for vacation. Vurdlak will try to replace me for the time being, but I will return, maybe even during month. So be nice to him and be sure to laugh on his jokes.

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  1. Blogger Andy 

    The taking off of the shoes is clearly a distraction to change the pane of glass to one with a hole, and it get swapped again when you're marveling over how its done.
    They must be actors too.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    You need a bunch of people a prepared store and a special window construction

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I don't think andy's right. I think the guy did something else. Also could u put up the one where he makes the girl vanish

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Nononono. As possible as it seems that they could be actors, Chris has said he swears he wont do that kind of trickery. But I do think the changing of the shoes was a big part of it, maybey he had somthing in his shoes that he needed.

  5. Blogger Jesse 

    i htink it was staged. it just seems a bit TOO convenient(SP?)that there was an unmarked piece of paper exactly the size he needed right there in teh trashcan.

  6. Blogger Roland 

    There are plenty of videos explaining how this was done. If the people on the outside aren't actors then the guy who goes inside certainly is.

    I'll post up a link to the video explaining how this is done when I get back from work. It's hard to make it look real, but it's very easy to do considering what really happens.

  7. Blogger Evgon 

    ive seen a youtube video explaining how he did this. he has at least 1 actor. the man in the shop is only 1 that needs to be an actor. as they hold the paper on it you can see him moving the window (slightly enough for the special window to have a little slot on the bottom)

    simple, but hard to explain!

  8. Blogger Evgon 

    Ooooh also to comment #3:

    the 1 at the pool? that one is very easy too! you can easily tell he has a mirror under the table to block the girl from view as she drops behind the table. u can tell from the shadows

  9. Blogger Jordan 

    ok... I am ABSOLUTLY SURE how this is done... ok... First thing... There is ONLY 1 actor and he is the person who goes inside the room with criss angel... Second thing... The window is rigged... It slides up and down. at the bottom (the part not visible unless the window is slid up) there is a hole... THis is the hole that angel goes through... when angel takes off his shoes, he discracts everybody while the guy inside the room quickly slides the window up... The reason that you can't see the hole is because angel has his volenteirs hold the paper so it covers the bottom of the window... when angel is finished crawling through, the glass comes back down...

    PS: Encase you think that the window sliding up and down would make a lot of nouse, your right... It would... Unless the put some sort of spring and padding system to SLOWLY lower the window back down...

    Easy right? :p

  10. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Pay attention to the location of where this trick was performed. An unidentifyable "shop" located in some backlot with no foot traffic.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous 

    In additition to what you said, Jordan, we can see the guy in the shop quickly moving away from the window as they take off the paper. He has just finnished closing it slowly to make as less noise a s possible.

  12. Blogger Williwa 

    I'm guessing the audience is actually a bunch of actors.

  13. Blogger K 

    Jordan Is right. That is the solution but missed one point. The OPEN Sign on the top left corner must have been hanged right by the window to give an illosion that the window stays still. So the OPEN sign also plays a part in this trick.

  14. Anonymous Michael 

    Thats kind of a stupid thing to say that glass can be a liquid. If you pass through a liquid, you will be wet, no matter what the liquid...I didnt see him dripping with molton glass. So, i thnk that was a dumb thing to say. Maybe if he changed his approach it would be more believable. You can tell he always has an actor in his crowd.

  15. Anonymous Ken 

    Actually, its disputed whether glass is a solid or just a really really slow moving liquid."

  16. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Michael: If you pass thru Mercury it does not "wet" you, you'd shed the droplets immediately. Not all liquids "wet" this ia a property of adhesion, breaking the surface tension of liquids at certain densities, bla blah.
    But really glass is a liquid, even at room temperature, in suspension. Old panes of glass warp at the bottom and thicken as the liquid slowly flows downward from the pull of gravity.
    Regardless, this trick isn't scientific, but I think his "liquid glass" patter is sound!

  17. Blogger courtney 

    glass is, in fact, a very slow moving liquid. thats why in very very old buildings, the glass is thicker at the bottom of the windows than it is at the top. over time, the glass slides down. and yes, im sure the man inside is an actor, but how do you explain the trick where criss impails himself on the wrought iron fence?

  18. Blogger courtney 

    i just noticed....the paper doesnt completely cover the window at the bottom. so the people holding the paper would notice the glass moving. so, either theyre all actors, which criss swears he will not do, or he actually went through the window.

  19. Anonymous Dave 

    If the window is moving, and the people holding the paper aren't actors, would they not feel the window move as it slid past their fingers/against the paper?

  20. Anonymous Anonymous 

    ok my friends i have no idea how its done but if everyone was an actor than it wouldn't be magic it would take away the meaning of magic away

  21. Anonymous Biggest fan 

    ok im a big fan of his but i no Criss wouldn't ruin the name of magic by using actors he is the best of magicians he spent years thinking of every way you could do it without using actors!!!!!!

  22. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Just remember, people will do ANYTHING for money. I'm sure Chris Angel thinks that 'what the audience doesn't know, won't hurt them.' He could have lied saying there aren't any actors, its not illegal.

  23. Blogger silver 

    It's blatantly actors and window being opened! The paper is very convenient, that a. it's there and b. he uses it!
    I want to see that trick with no paper! It is a good trick though!

  24. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Just think about it, that paper is not rolled up in a ball, its been wrinkled,.. like "hey we need to make this paper look like its been thrown away"
    its the perfect size also.
    Go look in ANY dumpster and see if you can find that perfect of paper.
    and who used milk cartons anymore?
    wow.. just two.. the right hight for the window too.
    Now, notice the way he comes out of the window.. notice how his foot looks like it gets snagged on something? and he had a mic on the whole time, way did we not hear the guy on the inside going "Oh $@#%!" or something, he was quite as a mouse.
    ehh its a fake. and its a really bad fake too.
    I like his work... this one was just kinda dumb to me.

  25. Blogger Sam 

    I think that there is a flap... near the end you can see differnces in colourin the glass.

  26. Anonymous Anonymous 

    You might notice after he walks through the window that there is a cabinet conveniently located on the inside of the window, which is about sill height. This covers the mechanics of the false window.

  27. Anonymous Matt 

    A few people have said glass is a liquid and used the example of old window glass flowing down and distorting as it ages. In fact this is not true - old glass appears distorted because it was always distorted. Window glass making techniques weren't very advanced back then.

    We do have glass from 16th century telescopes made with careful polishing which aren't distorted at all. And we have more than 2000-year-old glass from Roman vases which is also not distorted. Glass does not flow.

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