Ball And Vase

This is a nifty trick that I found, showing magic only with a little vase and ball(s). The performer shows one ball, then another as he opens and closes the vase. How did both balls manage to stay in that little vase at the same time? Anyone has an idea how this trick is done?

Also I wanted to announce that the, eagerly awaited author, Vurdlak will be back to continue my work here for a minimum wage while I'm at my summer villa somewhere in the Caribbean. So don't be mean to him or poke him for not being on vacation. He has a job to do, and his family is counting on him to do it (or it's the immigration office with them).

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    there is a video on the video selection screen at the end that showes you how. ( the one called "reveald"

  2. Blogger Jameson 

    As you can see the first ball is actually a ball, but in the top of the vase that he pulls off is another piece of the trick, it is just a half ball shape that is hollow on the inside to be able to store the real ball. So he dumps the real ball out and then puts the cap back on. Notice how he only grabs the top of the cap this time and the "2nd" ball is there. He doesn't take this out because it is not a real ball, now when he puts the cap back on he has to use 2 fingers to grab the sides of the cap so that the "2nd" ball is inside the cap and when he pulls it off the ball is no longer there. Basically just a small illusion you can get in a magic trick set when i was 6.

  3. Anonymous Cyclone Ranger 

    There's a fake 1/2 ball in there - notice that when he's showing the 1st ball (or the empty hole at the end) that he grabs the vase by the middle - that's to pick up the fake part, which fits inside the top. When he shows the 2nd ball, he grabs the vase by the point on the top - and he does NOT drop the ball out.

  4. Anonymous Not too tough... 

    Notice he never takes the 2nd ball out of the vase - because it's only the hollow top half of a ball.

    The hollow top half is hidden in the top of the vase.
    When he wants to show the "2nd" ball, he picks up the top of the vase from the very top. When he wants to hide it, he grips the top of the vase on the sides.

    It would fool my 6-year-old though.
    : )

  5. Blogger Jesse 

    there's actualy a half of a tiny red dome attached to the lid. depending on how you grab teh lid you can take it with you or leave it.

    he puts teh ball on the vase, then puts the lid(with the dome) on top of it.

    Then he lifts the lid(taking the dome with him) and takes out the ball.

    then he puts the lid on the vase, then lifts the lid(this time LEAVING the dome there, so that it appears theres another ball).

    and thats how it works

  6. Anonymous Bauub 

    It's very easy... notice that he does not take the ball out when he opens it the second time. That is because it is not a real ball. It is a fake ball embedded into the cap.

    First he opens the vase by holding around the rim of the top (he is holding 2 layers) and reveals the removable ball.

    Second, after he removes the ball he opens the cap with only the tip. Hence he only removes the top layer of the cap revealing the fake ball.

    Then he reopens the cap from the rim showing the empty space where he removed the ball in the first place.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Really, it's a pretty simple toy found in any magic kit. It's made of four pieces: the top, the base, the ball, and the less obvious one- a hollow half sphere with a blue ring around its base. After he removes the actual ball, he makes the container look empty by lifting the top and the half sphere. To make it look like there's a second ball, he simply lifts the top leaving the half sphere exposed, which we assume to be another ball.

  8. Blogger Jose 

    Simple trick. It would slightly more impressive if he were to hide the ball so that he was pretending to make it transport. In any event, there is a half ball hidden in the top of the vase, notice how when he makes the second "ball" appear, he does not take it out.

  9. Blogger Toxic Lax 

    This one is an easy trick. Just watch how he takes the capsule of. there are 2 capsules in fact.

    The one with the real ball, which he has the take completely out(watch carefully how he takes it).

    The 2nd time, he only takes it by the top, there's a ball inside, but he will not take him out, again, watch carefully how he shows the ball so it wouldn't fall off and show 'the empty part where he took out the first ball'. the 2nd ball isn't real

  10. Anonymous P-entertainment 

    I had one of this vases when I was young. It works really well. But people would most likely understand...

  11. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Wow, this brings back memories. I had that exact same trick when I was big into magic, back when I was a youngin'. Identical set too. Great times...

  12. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I see how this one is performed, but what do you guys think of this?
    It seems better, though I could be missing something obvious.

  13. Anonymous Anonymous 

    You get this in marvin's magic!

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