Stapled Card Magic Trick

Here's a good one! Apparently the magician in this video won a "best magic trick of the year award" performing his mysterious card trick. This flick is in Spanish I think, but you should be able to understand easily just by watching it. Again, let's solve this together through comments. I understand this on is hard, but somehow I didn't feel it was spectacular enough to win some kind of award. Well, this is not my profession, so I won't be judging magicians here.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    definitely not worthy of best trick of the year

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    it is a neat trick, and he seemed to pull it off. I'm kinda curious as to how he did it.

  3. Anonymous graybaka 

    Hmm... that's pretty cool, I wanna know how to do it.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    wow i want to learn that one!!

  5. Anonymous P-ent 

    He used way to long time before the acctual trick... Anyway I think the cards are fixed. Shall check more about this.

  6. Blogger Chris 

    well cigarette one was kinda obvious, he had some kind of wax on his finger, and it melted around the ends when he lit it, but the card one was good, unsure of that. have seen similar to it before and he made some holes disappear. ?confused?

  7. Blogger azrdraco 

    This is a neat trick. Not worthy of an award, unless i'm totally stumped and don't know it.
    I;ve seen magicians put a little tiny lead on their fingertip so they could write people's numbers down as they guess them, is it possible he had a small hole punch on his fingertip? The filled-in holes looked too white after he moved them, like they were patched. I'd love to get my hands on the actual card and take a good look at it.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I don't think there are actual holes in the last card. Notice it's on a black background, I think he's just moving little black circles (magnets?) on the card.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Well before he moves the last hole you can see his finger through one of the moved holes, so I doubt they were magnets

  10. Anonymous Anonymous 

    The cigarette trick is simpler than it appears. He doesn't really take two cigarettes out of the box - he takes one, and makes it appear he takes another casually, but he's actually substituting a "double cigarette" prop from behind the box. He hides the extra length of the prop cigarette in his hand.

    After he does the filter-to-filter tap, he then rotates the cigarettes end-for-end. At this point the trick is almost over - he palms the real cigarette into his hand as he flips out the other end of the "double cigarette". He then laps the real cigarette and it's all done except for the showmanship.

    Now, the hole-punch trick is a little harder, but still easy to explain...

    We know the card at the end has 4 real holes in one corner. I can see light thru them as he manipulates them.

    If I were performing the trick, I'd start by punching 4 holes in one corner of the to-be-forced card. I'd then replace the "chads" back into the holes. They should friction fit. I'd also put 4 black spots on the back of the prepared card - some black thin paper dots with a tiny bit of adhesive?

    He forces the card and puts it on the face. Thumbs at the corners, I imagine, to hold in the chads. Card is signed.

    He does some by-play by drying the ink on the card. I'd say at this point he uses a glid to exchange the card for a duplicate card with some scribbling on the center. You'll notice the card is already a "busy" card visually - lots of spots on it - which helps hide the wrong signature.

    He actually punches a real hole in each corner of this duplicate card. A brief flash shows that it's "signed" - but it's hard to make out the exact signature.

    The card is examined - it does indeed have real holes!

    Then a top change while he flips the card on the deck. Card is changed for the original prepared card.

    Now just a bit of play here - the holes on the back of the card are fake, but not noticed as he keeps the card in motion, or lying on the close-up pad. It's then just a matter of rubbing off the spot on the back of the card with his finger and then popping out the "chad" to make a new hole, and palming off the chad. Repeat 4 times.

    At the end you're left with a legitimately punched card with a legitimate signature on it.

    Problems? Deck is "dirty" and not examinable. You also have some extra bits of paper to deal with, but not a big deal.

  11. Blogger Jordan 

    "Anonymous" said...

    "If I were performing the trick, I'd start by punching 4 holes in one corner of the to-be-forced card. I'd then replace the "chads" back into the holes. They should friction fit. I'd also put 4 black spots on the back of the prepared card - some black thin paper dots with a tiny bit of adhesive..."

    (It goes on for a couple of more paragraphs)

    HOLY CRAP! Thats REALLY complicated... You said it was EASY! :(

    Anyways... It's still a REALLY good trick, but not one that disserves a big award...

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