You guys should definitely check this out. What you see below is a video from "America Got Talent", when couple called David and Dania performed their "Married Magic" quick change act. In my opinion this is absolutely Amazing! I quickly Googled for explanation, and revelation of their act, and found it quickly. It wouldn't be so amazing if I shared their secret with you, so I won't. Enough said, let's watch this flick now. I watch it over and over again, and never get less amazed by what I see. It is similar in a way with amazing "Color Changing Card Trick". If you like this, please share the article with your friends, stumble it, or what ever you do with funny stuff you find on the net :) By the way, did you check our newest illusion on Mighty Illusions? New one is coming up in few minutes ;)

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Seen it loads of times before.

  2. Blogger Chris 

    i saw this on tv couple of years ago, totally amazing.
    the bit at the end kinda gives it away how its done, se pulls the top down and there is a seam down the middle, and when she pulls down on it, then it flies behind her and catches up on her back.

    well thats what i think anyway.

    have fun ppl!

  3. Anonymous Emily 

    That was very interesting.... I would love to see that in person.

  4. Blogger Fedel Pan 

    Very astonishing!! I like it very much.

    There's an italian artist (Arturo Brachetti) that is one of the most famous 'trasformista' in the world; in his shows he changes about 80 times. I don't know if there are videos of his performances on the web.


  5. Blogger Jordan 

    VERY COOL! I have NEVER seen that before! AWSOME!

    PS: I found the explainaition... Don't go to it if you want to keep being amazed though!...

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