As I already announced on Mighty Illusions, our "Magic trick of the day" Google gadget has been released, and you can all download it for free and place on your Google Homepage. Really exciting times for this website are happening, now that we started rolling new products and add-ons. You can see that we merged two of our sites, this one, and optical illusions one, and connected them through small image in the sidebar. Can you see it? To test the gadget properly, here is an awesome video performed by some Japanese magician. You have to see this to believe it. Just don't be too shocked with an outcome. Anyone here knows how I could do this magic trick in front of my friends? I'm 2m high, would that be a problem? Thanks for explanation... If you added the gadget successfully, the image you see on the left should appear on your IG momentarily. I created a new magic trick's category for this kind of tricks. I called it "Body Tricks" category, but if you think of a better name, please comment below.

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  1. Blogger Evgon 

    I've done this trick before. Pretty easy. email me at imthestairwaytoheaven at gmail dot com. if you want the solution

  2. Anonymous Ben Adamson 

    it's really easy to do you just need the right clothes i.e. jacket like he has.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Too easy.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    That's easy to understand.... But still it's great!!
    Thumb up!

    PS I think my first reaction would have been pretty similar to the one of the last Chinese (or Japanese?) girl: AaaaaAAhhhhh! :-)

  5. Blogger Nathan 

    Why not tell us now? On the website. U dont want 2 have 2 answer hundreds of emails about this do u?

    I think this trick is done by having a big jacket and walking on stilts. When he sneeses, he drops his head beneath his jacket so the collar is shown. Just a thought.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I think he has a slit down the front of his clothes, when he 'sneezes' he drops his head down and the amount of clothes he is wearing create shadow to hide his neck.

  7. Anonymous P-ent 

    Quite easy to do, just have some framework in you're clothes and then when you "sneeze" you just make a small bend on you're back and you're neck this allows you to keep you're head in the position that on the framework seems to be under the shoulders. Remember most japanese are small ;)

    Great site by the way. But should you have "Random trick" instead of "random illusion" on the thing in the top-left corner? Might send some videos explaining my favorite tricks :D

  8. Anonymous P-ent 

    Wathced the video once more and you can acctualy see his framework! And when he "snezes" his arms seems kinda out-of-place :P

  9. Anonymous **cara** 

    Cool trick, easy once you know how! couldn't work it out on my own though!

  10. Blogger Chris 

    @P-ent i have already said about the random illusion/trick but 'vurdlak' obviously doesn't read the comments
    shame on you 'vurdlak', you should listen to your readers and take their advice!

  11. Anonymous Anonymous 

    wait on the were he puts hishead back on his head shrinks a little.Just saying

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