So I promised I'll be putting some real magic tricks here, including explanations how to perform them. For our first coin trick, here's a nifty video I found that explains in details how to amaze your public with coin that disappears. My advice is that you ask the public for coins, so when they disappear, they will be so amazed, you'll probably be able to keep the coin, since they will forgot they even gave them to you ;) This trick only requires sheet of paper, a glass and ("borrowed") coin!

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    great trick!

  2. Blogger Sean 

    I like that trick

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Hehe, I like it. Someone who wants to be famous should learn every trick preformed on this site. :P

  4. Blogger Prashant 

    That was just cool... hey!the site is great

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    It's okay if performed well, but I read that in in a kids magic book when I was like eight.

  6. Anonymous jess 

    i LOVE that trick!
    but watch the end of it and the coin mysteriosly goes off the edge of the paper.Hhhhmmmmmm.

  7. Anonymous kami 

    wow that was AWSOME

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