David Copperfield is today's most popular illusionist, and some may argue that he is best one that ever existed. Well, those that say that probably haven't heard of Houdini, the guy who practically invented magic we know today. Some of Houdini's tricks are unexplained even today, more than 100 years after his death (more or less). Probably all of us saw this video where David seems to fly, and calls it "levitation brought to next level". As amazing as it seems, I found another video that explains how he does it. You have to jump inside this post to see it (click on the "continue reading this article" if you are on homepage).

And revealed:

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  1. Blogger Evgon 

    WOW! Nice! thats amazing!
    great site im lovin it btw!

  2. Anonymous alexander 

    Awesome site!
    Also, David Copperfeild is o.k. but not as good as Criss Angel or Houdini

  3. Blogger aspirin111 

    alexander is right. criss angel rox my sox

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    hi there,
    @4.03 in the david copperfield video you see the "rope". It is @ the right side of his head...
    but still an amazing illusion

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I have seen a video like this before, in Russian, but the animation on this is so much better.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    You can see the rope... it reflects at about 4.02-3

  7. Blogger Krystina 

    The second video is no longer available

  8. Anonymous Kdmaster 

    He made a copyright claim on the second video because it revealed his secret

  9. Anonymous Just another asshole 

    That stupid ass Copperfield had them take down the video revealing his "secrets." David Copperfield sucks.

  10. Anonymous Tissue 

    the reavealed video was removed pls find another thx

  11. Anonymous Anonymous 


  12. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I've seen this trick "live" 3 times and still believe it is an amazing illusion! I've watched it on TV as well. TV doesn't give it justice because people assume that it is just TV Magic. See it live and you'll be amazed!!!

  13. Blogger Bill 

    If you look at the rings, they clearly miss him, it rotates under him and avoids the top of him, where the wire is, Duh... Stupid

  14. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Find the reveal video here:


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