Would you believe me if I told you that David Copperfield knows your thoughts? Sounds impossible, right? Well I stumbled upon this video I remember seeing when I was kid, and boy was I surprised back then. I never managed to guess how he knew which card I chose looking at my TV screen. Now, ten years later, I watched it again, and can easily understand it now. I realized it was only coincidence that I chose Moon card as kid, and not listening to the whole magic trick, I believed he guessed I picked the Moon! I considered myself a bright kid, but it was still really puzzling. Well, no body is that good of magician, but you should watch this interesting video below, and see for yourself. You shouldn't have hard time guessing how it functions, but I won't solve it for you - this is where comments section can be useful. Comment and share your ideas. Enjoy! Now I'm off to Mighty Illusions to post a new optical illusion for you. Cya in few minutes...

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    This is the stupidest thing ever. No matter what number you pick you'll end up on the city, and after he removes the first set of cards no matter which direction you go you will end up on the moon.


  2. Anonymous Daniel 

    I know now! (Am I first?)

  3. Blogger Bart 

    This one is quite simple. There's only one variable in the entire operation, and that's the number you choose in the beginning. So he has to do something to eliminate that variable. That way he is in total control. Let's call this variable x.
    Now, let us take the star in the top as our reference point.
    Let's say going counter-clockwise is positive, and going clockwise negative.
    First, you have to go x steps counter-clockwise. Now, since we take the star as our reference point, we first have to get there. This takes 3 steps from the starting point. This amount (3) is the same for everyone, whatever your chosen number may be. When we are at the star, we can still take (x-3) positive steps.
    Now you have to take x steps in the opposite direction, so x "negative steps".
    So what you had to do was take (x-3) positive steps and x negative steps.
    Simple math gives us:
    And x is gone in this result!
    No matter what value of x you chose, the net effect is that you take 3 "negative steps". This means you always end up in the same place, the city in this case.
    From this point on, the only thing Copperfield has to do, is remove some locations, in such a way that there are 3 locations between the city and the moon in both directions. So whatever direction you choose to take your last 4 steps, you always end up on the moon.

  4. Blogger courtney 

    even if it IS some big trick, its still pretty cool, and would make a wonderful illusion for a child.

  5. Blogger aspirin111 

    OMG this scared the crap outta me!!! you know how he said, pick a number. i pick 9 in my head and hes like 2@@SO FOR EXAMPLE IF YOU PICKED NINE AND@@@ AND IM LIKE HOLY SHIT HOW DID HE KNOW I PICKED NINE!!!BUT THATS NOT THE POIN OF THE TRICK ANYWAY

  6. Anonymous LAME 

    This is all a mathematical trick. Nothing to it. Lame.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    if you dont understand math very well, just try this. pause it when it shows the diagram. move your finger as he says, forward then backward. try this with all the available numbers. youll get the sameone no matter where you go

  8. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I landed on the statue of liberty

  9. Anonymous Anonymous 

    OMG, I havn't never seen anything so craziness.... OMFG... this is like some fancy spooky magicness that makes my head hurt like when i was in basic math class at school and they teached addishun.... OMFG!!!!

  10. Anonymous Anonymous 

    no im not, this is stupid

  11. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I Havnt Got A Clue How GHe Did It But That is Amazing!!!

  12. Blogger Treven 

    What if you picked 1?

  13. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Tbh its fixed. The only magic i see is when he moves the arrow :D

  14. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I have been looking at all your comments and would like to know how does he know what number you choose. The one who said it always lands on the City - well mine wasn't the City. It is obviously a trick but a very clever one mathamatical or otherwise.


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