David Blaine Spoof! Video

He he, there's nothing like making spoof of David Blaine for a good start. I believe David Blaine, the most popular modern magician and illusionist doesn't need introduction, so this funny flick below will probably be understood by 99% of you who viewed it. Be ware: the people in this video below are only actors that make fun of David Blaine. Hm, I should find some real magic tricks for my next post. Can't help it, I'm a humorous person!

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  1. Anonymous alishaaaaaa 

    lol i watched this before once, it's really funny!!! i laugh every time i see it :D oh yea... i like this new site i can't wait to see some of the new stuff :) magic tricks are sooo cool!

  2. Anonymous DuchessOfBones 

    Oh gods, this is hilarious... *grin* I really can't wait to see how you uncover illusions and magic tricks... definitely keeping my eye on you (your page, that is)!

  3. Anonymous Samson 

    This is sooo hilarious!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    They should make a "kid safe" one
    instead of*#$@ they should freakin or somthing......

  5. Blogger Gonzo 

    Hahahaha I laughed and laughed and laughed. Very funny.
    Nice site, I like magic tricks almost as much as optical illusions keep up the good stuff!

  6. Anonymous bigfatsmurf 

    they have made a second video. same thing basically, but it's still funny. look for 'david blaine street magic part 2".

  7. Blogger clnorwell 

    funniest thing ive seen in ages thought it was gonna be really dull as im not keen on david blian but this was fabtastic!!!!! where i can get more of these guys?let me know clnorwell@ntlworld.com

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