Thanks to user called Big Fat Smurf, and some others emailing me that David Blaine spoof video has it's sequel, I'm posting it as we speak. I'm glad all of you share my taste of humor, since these two videos have to be something funniest I have seen. If we ever see these guys check our website, I urge them to make another sequel, since you guys rock! If you are new to this website, I advise you first to see any of David Blaine's original Street Magic flicks, then proceed to Spoof Part I, and then check out the video below. It's hilarious! Ok, let me stop with overrated enthusiasm, and just finish this article. This is it for today, and now I'm off to Mighty Illusions to post another optical illusion. See you there! Enjoy...

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 


  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    this is so funny... i've laughed so loud...
    nice one

  3. Anonymous hedge 


  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    He just pissed orange soda!
    Does it hurt?!?!

    lol... these are great!
    hope they make another...

  5. Anonymous Graybaka 

    Now THAT is funny stuff.

  6. Blogger Ken 

    These guys should definitely do more. Maybe a Criss Angel spoof?
    Keep up the hilarious work!

  7. Blogger sammybob4 

    The video is no longer available!

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