Ok, you wanted some real magic? Watch this amazing video by Criss Angel, where he climbs up the wall. I know it's a trick, but still I never manage to understand these things. Would be really cool if we started debates here, and tried to solve all the shown tricks ourselves. Watch this and be amazed. In the post before this one, I shown you David Blaine spoof, now when I showed you who Criss Angel is, it would be fair if we found some kind a Criss Angel Spoof video, don't you agree ;)

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I think that the umbrella is important, it's a sunny day, why does he need it? There is a similar trick with a broom.

  2. Anonymous muscle Rider 

    It seems too good to be true, plus his torso is the only thing that seems to be in front, like he is being pulled up by a pully, and the sun seems to be directly at noon so you could obscure anyobject while the camera is behind him...

  3. Blogger Matthew 

    This is going to sound ridiculous.
    But maybe the umbrella is a magnet that is some how sucking him to the wall and keeping his balance. Probably not because i vaugly remember him doing the same trick without props. It was just something that came to mind when the first person mentioned the umbrella is part of the trick as its a sunny day. Very good point!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    It looks like he is using the same robe that David Copperfield is using in his Levitation trick. But Chris is using a much cheaper system and can only go straight up and down, Thus, the wall. He uses the sun or bright lights to hide them.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Chris is using the same ropes that david Cooperfield is using in his Levitation act. But Chris is using a much cheaper system, He can only go up and down, Thus The wall. He uses the sun and or bright lights to hide them. Remember, they are only 1mm thick.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    He's "obviously?" held up by a wire that goes over the edge of the top of the building. Otherwise, why wouldn't he just walk up and over onto the roof?
    He has to stop and come back down when he gets a certain distance from the top edge.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I don't know if any one realizes how difficult it would be to use nothing but your feet to remain perpendicular to a wall. Obviously a wire, and the umbrella is to help mask his unusually altered gait.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I think the wires are conected to his shoulders and stomach and uses sun, bright light and umbrella to hide them. Another detail worth notice is that he is following the line in the wall. And the wire is fastend directly to his stomach so he can easly turn around.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous 

    This might sound weird but maybe he is wearing a strap connected to the top of the building and they digitally removed it, it possible because in movies and shows they always digitally remove stuff like that.

  10. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Notice the shadow on the ground when it is showing a bird's eye view. If a person is that high up, it's impossible that a shadow would be that sharp. Try it out with your had under a table lamp. The further the hand gets away from the table, the blurrier the shadow gets.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous 

    at 1:08 it looks so digital and as said before the shadow can't be as sharp as it's shown!
    it's a fake!

  12. Anonymous Dill 

    i dont think he has a live audience because in one episode a girl had made him a blanket and she suposedly didnt even know he was gonna be there so how do you xeplain that? has anyone here seen him live in las vegas?

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