Wow! We've seen this guy walk up a building, but this is amazing! Forget about that one-foot-floating, this is the real mega trick. Comparing David Copperfield's levitation to this, would probably insult Criss Angel, The Mindfreak. Look how he floats from one building to another with crowd cheering beneath him. The only solution that comes to my mind is that there is a helicopter above him carrying him, and that the crowd footage is taken from another scene and added later. Anyone here can help us out? Let's solve it together, like we always do on Mighty Optical Illusions homepage. I have to admit, I have heard of Criss Angel just recently. I knew of David Blaine, Copperfield, Masked Magician and few others, but this guy just appeared out of nowhere. Is he still popular in USA? If I understood correctly, he started his show plagiarizing Blaine, right? Or was it the other way around? Can someone post some facts inside the comments if possible? Another thing, I created Magic Trick of the day Google Gadget, and explained how you can place one inside your Google Homepage. Go here and follow the necessary steps!

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    That is so cool!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Forget it. Look at the crowds 4 on the roof and about 8 on the ground, with a few smal groups scattered here and there, surely that proves its set up cause otherwise that would have attracted a crowd of thousands. Me I reckon blue/green screen and photoshopped on.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Unbelievable, there has to be a logical explanation.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    He's hanging from a crane. The movement is in an arc/circular shape. There's gotta be some post production work going on here too.

  5. Blogger Andy 

    I think it may be a dissapearing trick, and it becomes a highly detailed inflatable of him travelling across the space - he doesnt move at all while floating, and that could be on a think bit of wire...!??!
    Just a stab in the dark really!

  6. Blogger aspirin111 

    Criss Angel is and always will be about the most coolest person ever in the USA. If you ask me criss angel is a whole lot bettert han david blaine Criss Angel rocks!!!!!
    You should watch the series on A&E. if you one to find out more here is his wikipedia entry:

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    He does a similar video (not a trick) where he is suspended below a helicopter. However, in that video, he's on a large steel frame, and is swinging madly below the helicopter. He's so steady in this one that I can't see how that could be the answer.

    Search Youtube for his water-walking trick as well!

  8. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I agree that it was cool. But like the description I also think there was a helicopter. But while he is leivitating it shows btoh the crowd and him at one point, which confuses me.

  9. Blogger Jose 

    It looks blue screened to me. Maybe it is just because my mind tells me it is not possible, but it doesn't look realistic. The shadow was a cool effect though.

  10. Blogger Evgon 

    He started out doing small shows and yes he did Blaine tricks on the street. Eventually he was seen (I assume) by a talent scout or somebody with connections and his career started from there. The thing I do NOT like about this guy, is that the only way we can see his tricks are on TV. I do not know of ANYBODY who has ever seen him do his tricks in person. That leads me to think.... hmmm....... video editing anybody?

  11. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I've seen him before, he does some really strange things. I think I like David Blaine better because he does strange stunts and really cool magic tricks.

  12. Anonymous GMagiC 

    Well.. yeah.. It's made digitally.. duh!

    I saw a video on YouTube on this..


  13. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I've seen better blue screen special effects at a high school tv studio. Angel is a TOOL.

  14. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Chris Angel is, and always has been, the biggest hack in magic. ALL his "illusions" are done with actors, clever editing, and other such fakery. 90% of his shit is performed in front of paid actors. Paid to act amazed, because they see the setup right in front of them.

    Real magicians don't need to pay actors or edit their shit together. They are skilled illusionists. He needs to learn how to do it correctly. Just another hack as far as I'm concerned.

    David Blane is not far behind him, and probably inspired him to take it to the next level of douche-baggery.

  15. Anonymous Anonymous 

    "Search Youtube for his water-walking trick as well!"

    Yes, please do that. Then you can all see what a hack trick that is as well. Actors + editing = lame "trick"

  16. Anonymous Anonymous 

    its green sceened because if you look at his feet the stay flat as if he was standing on something, the shadow is too perfect looking and he seems to kind of stand out from da background wen floatin

  17. Anonymous Anonymous 

    great montage. the forgettable art in movie making.
    great job

  18. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I have heard accusations that his spectators are almost always actors when doing these types of stunts. I don't find their reactions to be credible enough, if a saw some one legitimatly levitating in person in a manner such as this I would not be cheering like I'm at a high school football game.

  19. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I think that this is a camera trick but the walking on water trick, I think he walked on a thin invisible wire like a tightrope walker.

  20. Anonymous Anonymous 

    all of his stuff is totally bogus. the walking on water video totally gives it away. while walking across the pool, if he were actually stepping on a hard surface, or wire, you would see his feet flatten out from his weight. it really just looks like he is dipping his feet in the water.

  21. Anonymous Anonymous 

    The walking on water trick is done in two separate takes. In one he is walking on a plexiglass platform, in the other he is suspended on wires. The two are edited together for the final "illusion". It goes without saying everyone in and around the pool are actors. His feet give it away. In some parts you see him flex and bend his toes, then when they are using the footage of him when he's on wires you can tell his feet aren't supported and aren't bending or flexing at all. He's just miming the walking action, barely placing his feet on the surface of the water.


  22. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Is that a walmart he's floating over?

  23. Anonymous Thomas 

    the shadow at seconds 01:27 and following don't match his body. When you look at his body you see his feet pointed down. In the shadow however, his feet are pointed up.

  24. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I don't know how he did it, but I saw this when it was on TV on A&E at 5 in the morning.

    First he talked about how there was this guy in the 19th century (and gave his name, but I forget it) who floated from one building to the next, and that's why he wanted to do it.

    Five minutes later, he is so proud of being "the first" person to float from one building to another.

    Criss Angel, you're lying about how awesome you are, and we know because you JUST told us!

  25. Anonymous Fuzzianna 



  26. Blogger Spencer 

    Ok i dont know how he does this but there are blocks of plexiglass in the water that he walks on. plexiglass is also very hard to see in water. the girl goes through the plexiglass blocks and the one thats goes under him is also two smaller blocks hes standing on.
    but this i dont kknow how he does it

  27. Anonymous Mster24 

    Just yesterday I was watching a marathon of his show... At first I was like, "Wow thats awesome" but then, when I noticed he always - I mean always - asked whether or not anything was set up. Eventually I thought, "Well gee, that gives it away". Obvoiusly it's all a setup. Someday I'm gonna go to vegas and see if this stuff is liginimite. I'm getting suspicious,

  28. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I think he used a crane and digitally removed the tethers he is hanging from, its possible.

  29. Anonymous Anonymous 

    wow that is sooooo FAKE it was so oviously done on a green screen omfg its so fake

  30. Anonymous Anonymous 

    to all the people that say he is fake:
    ALL MAGICIANS ARE FAKE, bacause theres no real way to do anythin gany magician does. in criss angel's case, he uses V E R Y clever illusions (look at some of hos tricks that have been revealed, they make u think omg how did he think of that!!)
    this means he doesnt NEED actors.
    this too, is probably some insanely smart trick that looks real but isnt.

    take his first form of levitation for example. when first watching it, you think OMG FAKE, then he releases it on dvd, where youy then change ur opinion to "wow thats pretty clever"

    stop dissing angel

  31. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Interesting how the girl who is supposedly watching at random at 2.17 minutes in this video looks suspiciously like the girl in the pool at 1.28 minutes in his walk on water trick.......regular actors who act amazed to make it seem more real maybe?.... decide for youself.

  32. Anonymous Anonymous 


  33. Anonymous Anonymous 

    mabe he is wearing something that keeps him afloat? beats me...

  34. Anonymous phoenix 

    on the water trick they have a thick peace of glass a bout a inch below the water tht way he can splash water to give you the illision hes in like a five foot pool but hes relly walking on a peace of class with about a inch of water is what i belive

  35. Blogger Haimster 

    By the way I have seen his stuff in Vegas and it is very convincing. I am going to his opening of Believe in Sept to the behind the scenes showing to see more. Also, by the way with enough $$ you can just about rig anything including levetation technology to create whatever effects, illusions, reality, whatever. He's joked in the past about blue/green screens. Don't insult him, he's better than that! Trust me if he did that he would have ruined his reputation a long long time ago. This is the world of the Internet, that would have been all over the net by now. Someone would have spilled the beans by now. Including if he paid someone, especially that one would have been all over the web. Criss Angel is just truly the master of Illusion and Craft. Given, a lot of safety procedures and skill/planning go into what he does. What makes it awesome though is no matter how much slow motion you use to figure it out, you can't. Yet it's right in front of your eyes. Like Criss Angel says though, if people ask questions and try to figure it out and can't, he's doing a great job as an illusionist. Unless I see you do what he can pull off which I don't recommend, (you'll hurt yourself...), you don't have a leg to stand on. And of course I do agree there is always the possibility of a stand in, in the crowd. He has revealed that pulling off a dissappearing knife trick at a restaurant. The guy next to him dropped it in his lap which he revealed. Also the one where he made a wallet dissappear and then in slomo he showed he lifted it and threw it to another guy yet you couldn't see it in regular speed, which again, Criss revealed to us. So, there may always be someone who he uses periodically to pull something off but that is expected. But I hardly believe that every spectator in Vegas is

  36. Blogger Zack Smith 

    notice how he figets, as if trying to balance at first

  37. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I agree with another anonymous poster. All magicians are fake. None of them use real magic, so even if he is using a crane or a green screen thats an illusion so technically its not fake. If someone really wanted to do this illusion though, maybe they could cleverly use a tightrope and walk it, but theyd have to be really good and hide it somehow.

  38. Anonymous Anonymous 

    It is too bad we don't see what other buildings are around him. This illusion is actually very simple if you are between two taller buildings.

    I won't reveal the secret, but I am pretty certain that he is using the same levitation trick that David Copperfield made famous in his flying trick. Except Copperfield does it indoors while Angel does it between buildings.

  39. Anonymous Joe 

    Criss Angel is awsome and my idol. I saw his levitation above the luxor IN PERSON and there was no crane or helicopter or plexiglass platform or anything i could see. I'm a magician and aspire to be like Criss and i hate it when people with nothing better to do just slag off a performer of Criss's caliber and insult him by saying he edits his video's. Everything he does can be done without editing or camera tricks and Criss has always said he does his illusions the hardest way possible.

  40. Anonymous Anonymous 

    The sign of a good magician is not how big the stunt but how hard and long he keeps you guessing, therein is the magic.

    Firstly i'd like to say he was suspended from his upper body cos you can see his whole body elongate when this happens.

    For sure he is suspended from a crane cos of the arc shape of his travel. That's why there is no camera shot pointing towards the centre of rotation.

    The guy in white dungarees at 35 seconds has a stabilising cable. what you guys thought he was there to catch criss???

    Either the surrounding buildings are chosen strategically to hide the crane or the actors are s h i t e!!!

    So his techniques are simple, but he's still a good magician cos you guys are still scratching your grey bits.



  41. Anonymous Anonymous 

    The positions of the clouds change dramatically in the first 30 seconds.

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