Hy there, long time no see! I decided yesterday to revive this blog with some real magic tricks and illusionist acts for difference. From now on be sure to monitor this website, since we will update it often and bring you best magic trick videos, photos, pictures and explanations. For now, check this color changing trick video from Youtube, I bet you won't understand it immediately! Enjoy...

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I saw the tablecloth and background change right away, and knew that while the camera focused on her, he changed the decks of cards. I just figured that they did it in several shots, and accidentally had new colors.

  2. Anonymous janek37 

    Fine trick! I didn't notice color changes at first :)

  3. Anonymous Emmer 

    Hahaha :D that one was perfect. I figured how they changed th cards deck, but I didn't see the background or whatever changing. Vey nice :D

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