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As the time goes by, this Magic Tricks website is becoming more and more popular. In fact, lately few of the professional magicians contacted me through email, proposing I try not to reveal the secrets behind the tricks, since this obviously hurts their profession. I respect that, so as you probably noticed, I changed the format of this blog. I'll concentrate more on bringing you best magic tricks, and less on their "behind the scene" explanations. We'll try to do something like we do on Mighty Optical Illusions. I'll bring you the tricks, and we can all try and solve them together in our comments section, every article has one. This way, only those of us who are really interested in certain trick, will struggle and solve it by watching the videos multiple times, and brainstorming together. I believe this way, over time, we will train our brains much better. What is your opinion on all of this? Some tricks, however, will still be explained if it's something really easy or explained by actual magicians themselves. Now watch this incredible tricks in a video below. It seems impossible to me? How does he do it ???

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    That's a lot of double lifting.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Amazing sleight of hand. Nice trick

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    A lot of triple lifting there =S

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Cool trick. I do not know how he did it.

  5. Blogger Jordan 

    I agree with the other people... I am a magician and suspect that it is a ton of double/triple lifting... So obciously there are more than just 4 cards...

  6. Anonymous Ron D. Lite 

    To give you a hint: watch when he shows the '4' kings.. he shows 2 kings twice ;) so there we have KS and KD. Then still left 2D and 10S ;) if you pick enough cards at the same time, you always get the card you want...

    he does it veeeeery smoothly though. takes a lot of practice, this is also the way people for instance make a card rise to the top of the deck, first lift 2 cards, show the 2nd while hiding the first behind the 2nd, put them on top of the deck, 1 goes to bottom et voila on top again ......

  7. Blogger Ocarina of Twilight 

    OMG that is so cool.

  8. Blogger Smelly 

    this trick is not that amazing at all. It uses the same principle I use for the infamous two kings and a queen card shuffle, Can you find the queen?
    He doesn't pull from the top when you think he does, he is pulling from the bottom. When he discards a two, he is really discarding a bottom card, leaving the two on top. The two's location changes, but never toi where you think it is..

  9. Anonymous Per Enström 

    Here's how it's done:

    1. He picks out the 4 cards, 2H, 10S, KD and KC

    2. The 2H is on the bottom when he shows it.

    3. In the reverse ordering, he reverses the cards so that the 2H is second from the top.

    4. He shows with a double-lift that the 2H is on the top.

    5. He puts the top card on the bottom and shows the real 2H.

    6. He fans the cards out and put the 2H second from the bottom.

    7. He triple-lifts the three top cards, showing the 2H and put the top card away.

    8. He double-lifts the two top cards, again showing the 2H and put the top card on the bottom.

    9. He shows the real 2H

    10. He double-lifts the 2H and another card an put them both on the bottom, making the 2H's position in the middle.

    11. He doulbe-lifts the top cards showing the 2H, and putting the top card on the table.

    12. He shows the real 2H.

    13. Now for the 10S, the original position at this moment is second from the bottom. He triple-lifts the three top cards, showing the 10S.

    14. He holds the top card while double-lifting the next two cards, again showing the 10S.

    15. He holds the top two cards and shows the real 10S.

    16. Now for a tricky move, he seems to flip up the last card, but he is in fact flipping up the second from the bottom-card while taking the bottom card to his hand, showing the 10S again.

    17. He shows that all the cards are the 10S, but the 10S is always on the bottom, he just pulls away the cards above it.

    18. He double lifts from the bottom, showing the KD, then he puts the top card on the table.

    19. He does the same thing, double lifts from the bottom, showing the KC and puts the top card on the table.

    20. Now there's only the real two kings left to show, and the trick is over.

  10. Anonymous Anonymous 

    that was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous Anonymous 

    the other guys explanation of the trick is correct. There are only the 4 cards. The name of the effect is Jumping Gemini.

  12. Anonymous Anonymous 

    that was the coolest ing i ever saw

  13. Blogger Zachary 

    It is most obvious when he shows you the tens.
    He shows you the ten, turns the stack over, then takes cards off of the top of the stack.

  14. Anonymous Lainey 

    That's boom

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