The Balducci Levitation is simple magic trick that can be performed almost anywhere and anythime. If you would like to learn how to perform Balducci Levitation, like David Blaine does in his "Street Magic TV Show", you should read this tutorial.

Be aware that this magic trick is a highly restrictive and angle sensitive trick. You should practice your angles over and over to get used to them. One bad angle or position and the illusion is blown!

The Balducci Levitation - Secret Behind It

All you have to do is pretend to float off of the ground, while you tippee toe on just one foot (the foot further away from audiences view). Believe it, or not, this looks great!! The small audience can´t see your supporting foot, because it´s hidden by three things: your pants, the angle of the trick and your closest shoe (which hides their view of the foot being used to levitate you).

You might want only rise 3 or 5 inches off of the ground, but it´s all in the presentation! You will want to slowly rise off of the ground, wait just one or two second and then drop fast. Stay up too long, and they will probably figure it out. Image below shows you what the Balducci Levitation looks like during performance. The position on the left is the start of the illusion. Position on the right shows the climax of the levitation. Here's an animated gif that shows you the effect.

After you've figured out this magic trick, proceed to "10 Tips To Perform Perfect Balducci Levitation".

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  1. Anonymous Efro 

    This is so interesting. I must try this!


  2. Anonymous max 

    ya but how do u gpo soooo high

  3. Anonymous emperor 

    this is one cool illusion!! after performing at a bar im now god

  4. Anonymous guy 

    how does he go so hi up though

  5. Anonymous austin 

    how do you go so high??????????????

  6. Anonymous Dave 

    > how do you go so high??????????????

    With Photoshop.

  7. Anonymous mike 

    when you watch the television specials, although the reactions to his levitation tricks are real, the actual levitation is reproduced for television with a crane afterwards for dramatic effect.

  8. Anonymous John 

    On the top one click on the pick and look at the bottom of his feet.

  9. Anonymous Dave 

    I think that top picture is more interesting to me because the photo is at the Pagoda in Reading, Pennsylvania. I used to live there and every time we drove on the highway you could see the Pagoda on top of the mountain that surrounds Reading. *shrug*

  10. Anonymous indiana 

    i had seen this on star world . they also reveal the magic and thats true that in telivision they make the person go move high by using crane and then later edit the video.

  11. Anonymous asdfghjkllllllllllllllllllllllllll 

    you can see some road inbetween his legs

  12. Anonymous Bravery Onions 

    with the kings levitation, you go a little higher, and your audience sees both your feet leave the ground. this video shows someone doing it, and how to do it afterwords:

    it's harder to perform, but looks great.

  13. Anonymous marcus butler 

    how do u float that high i did that trick i was really on the ground when doin but jus at an angle,but he's really off the ground!!! i dont dewlieve it cause human can't fly but i wanna learn how to do it.

  14. Anonymous nabyl 

    i did it but i got only 3 cm above the do u go up so's incredible...

  15. Anonymous no 

    ya there is road between his legs...good eye

  16. Anonymous Stupid 

    this is sooooo lame!

  17. Anonymous jbl 

    hay all of u go on dis it funny

  18. Anonymous Alyssa 

    Not working for me but amazing trick!

  19. Anonymous doğan 

    very good ım turkey ım

  20. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Haha Efro!
    Im a kid and I don't fall!
    But cool trick!

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