After you've read Baludicci's Levitation Trick Explained, here are some additional tips to perform the levitation perfectly - More Inside...

1. You should wear wide leg pants or slacks that come down just past your ankles. This dramatically should help in covering the other foot.

2. Be sure to face the right angle. If your audience is at 6 o´clock and you are in the middle of the clock, face to 11 o'clock away from them.

3. Only do the trick for two or three people at a time. More than that creates a bigger angle for you to deal with. Evem better is one person only!

4. Don´t stand too far from your audience, while performing the levitation. About six feet is good, up to ten feet.

5. Never, never tell them that you are about to levitate. If you do that is will will make them watch harder. You want surprise element! Almost as if they don´t quite know what they saw.

6. Tell them you are going to TRY something. It doesn´t always work and you´ve only been able to do it twice before. Then move away to the approximate correct distance and somewhat turn your back to the 11 o´clock angle in order to concentrate. Then put your handa down by your sides and after a few moments slowly start to rise. Going up, hovering for a moment, and coming down should only take about 4 seconds total. Come down, look surprised yourself and say: "Woooow ...... it worked! Did you see that?"

7. If you are turned slightly to the left from them make sure your left foot remains parallel to the floor on LIFT OFF. That´s what gives a big part of the illusion is that foot´s toes being up in the air.

8. Practice rising up and down over and over. Do it a million times, get it smooth and effortless.

9. Do a few smaller trick for them first. Get them used to being affected by magic and the fact that you can do it. Don´t ever just jump into the Balducci Levitation as your first trick. Get them impacted first, and then say "There was something I´ve done a couple of times, maybe I could do it now".

10. Practicing the levitation in a mirror is good, but if you have a video camera and can set it up on a tripod at eye level - exatly where your audience´s would be - is literally ten times better. It will improve your levitation dramatically.

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  1. Anonymous er 

    I gotta try this!

  2. Anonymous Tim Stone 

    I have mastered this trick thanks for the hints

  3. Anonymous dudes!!! 

    thanx dudes
    we totally did it and our friends fell for it!
    fully sick
    rok on from dudes

  4. Anonymous Keenox 

    I knew it!! I thought that this was the trick... I've tried it in the mirror before reading this tut and it looked so muck like levitating!

  5. Anonymous magic fan 

    THIS TRICK ROCKS but how do you make someone eles levitate

  6. Anonymous magick fan 

    THIS TRICK ROCKS but how do you make someone eles levitate

  7. Anonymous magic fire 

    i cant get this trick right what am i doing wrong

  8. Anonymous magick fan 

    i dont know you tell me magic fire

  9. Anonymous homie 

    yo that trick is mad cool thatx 4 the awesome tricks

  10. Anonymous magic guy 

    It wont work.

  11. Blogger SUMESAN 

    dis is the magic master im chunning u dis illusion is sik so all the magic people can go suk something

  12. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Its cool but I need to practise more

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