There are many tricks, involving cigarettes or cigarette ashes. This is a clever trick that does'nt require you to smoke and where you can challenge your friends that you will be able to bend a cigarette in two, so that the ends touch, without breaking the cigarette. You will then straighten out the cigarette, leaving it whole and unbroken to your friends amazement. Instructions are here - More...


For this trick you will need a cigarette and a money bill. The secrete of this trick is to roll the cigarette up tightly in the money bill and then you can then bend it so that both ends touch without breaking it. The cigarette which is still wrapped inside the note can then be straightened and the note unravelled to reveal the cigarette unbroken cigarette. The cigarette can then be passed around for examination to your spectators. That's it!

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  1. Anonymous felix 

    where is that bill from?

  2. Anonymous darksister 

    from the UK... it's a great britain pound.. a tenner (10 pount note)

  3. Anonymous Fenrir 

    Dark Sister!, Pay attention Love, It's a Scottish £20 Note!. FOOL!.

  4. Anonymous tom 

    Actually it's a Scottish note - the three Scottish banks print their own notes, which are valid throughout the UK.

  5. Anonymous chris 

    it's obviously not a tenner as it says 20 on the second frame... might be a scottish note

  6. Anonymous magicZen 

    I will try this! Its not a tenner BTW - the big 20 on the note is a giveaway!


  7. Anonymous mapetitedebi 

    Has anyone tried this where it actually worked?

  8. Anonymous hugh ged 

    my head is big, arg matey

  9. Anonymous tymaster 

    this trick is the best begginers and pros

  10. Anonymous bob 

    its a actually a scottish note and its a twenty pound not a 10

  11. Anonymous whocaresanyway 

    alright. shut up about the money. has anyone even noticed that theres a purpose to this page?

  12. Anonymous Carl Johnson 

    Cool trick! I will try this at home.

  13. Anonymous Yawa 

    Hell Right!!!

    It worked! and my friends were really amazed...
    How is it done again???

  14. Anonymous Smoker 

    Im gonna try. If my cigarett breaks, im going to kill smoking another one, close to them

  15. Anonymous rsharp 

    its not an english note!
    and no, it cant be used in ENGLAND!
    i tried but the shop wouldnt take it because it was scottish and he said it had no value.

  16. Anonymous Anonymous 

    This trick does work, u just need to do it evenly, kinda spreading the force.

    Oh, and you can use Scottish notes in England. That shop assistant was just being retarded and obstructive.

  17. Blogger gcgordy 

    This trick works with all bank notes including US and Canadian dollars. Original trick and others can be found at
    Expect a legal letter soon.

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