Ever heard of "that" guy that managed to balance three glasses one on top of the other (but slightly moved to right? This really nice and easy magic trick you can preform yourself. Here's how it's done. You should do this in bar, but remember first to take bets from waiters ;) How to balance three empty glasses on top of each other on their outer rims, without the help of any other object whatsoever? First the glasses should be empty and indentical. The Secret for successful trick preformance is you should imagine a clock face when you look at the glasses from above, you must remember 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. Place the first glass down onto the table or bar, then place the second glass on top of first glass in the position of 10 o'clock. Now place the 3rd glass on top of second glass in the position of 2 o'clock. That should be it! If you still have problems, post them under comments, ohh and be carefull when you practice not to break glasses. Enjoy! Source

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  1. Anonymous angry man 

    just kidding :P

  2. Anonymous me 

    yeah right!!! :|

  3. Anonymous ivy 


  4. Anonymous anklebite 

    does it work with plastic cups

  5. Anonymous yeee leeee 

    i fink that dis be da coolest trick i eva sawed wit my own I-balls.

  6. Anonymous LitliGirL 

    I'm Sara,
    from Oceania ,
    and I'm 15 y.o

    Hi, Girl and Boy
    I've studied English sinse Spring .
    It's very!
    I want like to meet boys and practisice My English with them.


  7. Anonymous T 

    That neat. Ive dine that.

  8. Anonymous jaiidy baiiby 

    i cant get it:S

  9. Anonymous Anonymous 

    i tink this is a pile os complete crap.

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