This tempered card deck allows you to quickly find a selected card and perform some impressive effects. At the end of this trick, it looks like that the entire card deck has turned into one, selected card. The effect is really fascinating and easy to perform. This is a great trick for young beginners. Svengali card decks can be purchased at any magic store for about 10$. This is how this trick should be preformed - More...


First you riffle through the deck showing that the cards are different.

While riffling through the deck, you should allow your spectator to either say “stop,” or use their finger to select a card. Here, the spectator has selected the Ace of Spades. The card is replaced back in the deck.

After the spectator cuts the cards as many times as he wishes, you then tap the top of the deck and show that the card has come to the top.

You cut the deck into several piles and ask a spectator to point to a pile. The spectator’s card is then found on top of that pile. These effects are just some of the many that may be accomplished using a Svengali Card Deck.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymouse 


    I don't get it.

  2. Anonymous James Physit 

    The deck has a gimmick to it, which allows this trick (As well as others) to work without any sleight of hand.

  3. Anonymous David 

    This explains how the trick is done, but not what the trick is. There are 2 very slightly different size of cards in this special deck. The ace of spades is a hair smaller than the other cards of the deck, and there are 26 ace of spades in between the other cards. When you place your thumb on the end and shuffle through, only the bigger cards are held by your thumb, so the card you pick on the top is always the ace of spades.

    Maybe not much of a better explaination, but it's easier to understand when you have the deck in hand.

  4. Anonymous Me?! 

    im confused but w.e =)

  5. Anonymous Marcus 

    Being a beginner with card tricks I have found that the Svengali deck has been the easiest trick to learn. I look forward to purchasing the DVD to give me more ideas as to how to create several addons to this one trick.

  6. Anonymous IcelandicGuyjustdoingit 

    Marcus... you sound like a owner of a magic trick shop...

  7. Anonymous aaron 

    Yeah i got this at my local dollar store for a buck. works perfect. love it.

  8. Anonymous stupid guy 

    what! a buck? mine was $20.00 and it dont work

  9. Anonymous an idiot 

    yours was $20.00!mine was about $100 but at least it works!

  10. Anonymous newbiecardsman 

    i got a sweet one for 5.50 lol this is how it works anything you do with the deck..DO WITH THE TOP NOT THE SIDES!! took me a few days now i'm pretty good with it

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