Ropes Magic Trick no.1

First trick we give you is a classic ropes magic trick. It's more commonly known as Professor's Nightmare. It is quite easy to perform and is great for beginners! This famous rope trick relies on a technique that is the basis of lots of other rope tricks and the Professor’s Nightmare is often performed by professionals in their stand-up shows. In this trick, three ropes of different length are “stretched” to create three ropes of equal size, and stretched again to return to their original lengths.Here's how it's done. More...


First you show 3 ropes of unequal length. There's a long rope, a medium-length rope and a short one. The ropes may be handed out for examination by spectators.

Next step is to place each rope into your hand and to hold both ends of each rope.

Then you grab the ends of the ropes in both hands and pull, and 3 different-length ropes turn into three ropes of equal length. At this point you may end the trick or return the ropes to their prior state: long, medium and short. When you return the ropes to their long, medium and short states, the spectators may once again examine the ropes.

As you see, this trick is quite easy to perform and you can buy it from any magic dealer arround...

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  1. Anonymous Bryan Covington 

    It would be nice if you would explain HOW the trick works.

  2. Anonymous Joshua Keroes 

    I would imagine that the short rope is doubled over with the fold hidden in the left hand, with the ends hanging out to its left. The longest cord is also doubled over, with the fold also hidden in the left hand, but with its ends going the other way, through the right hand to drape below it.

    The medium cord goes all the way through both hands; no tricks there.

    e.g. (disregard the dots, they're only used to space the diagram correctly)

    . . L . . . . R . . . hands

    ==) . . . . . . . . short
    ----------------- medium
    . . . (====== long

  3. Anonymous stef 

    no, you just stretch the rope.

  4. Anonymous Plaquinha Magica 

    Great Site!!!!

  5. Anonymous Angela 

    When a magician did the trick for us, he let spectators examine and stretch the rope, but nothing happened, so how can you stretch the rope for the trick?

  6. Blogger Neat-Nit 

    I know how it's done!
    I will post it here soon

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