This magic tricks gives your spectator an impression you managed to breath life into a lifless body of a dead fly. What he doesn't know is how you've done it. Here's a possible scenario: You are walking down the street and casually pick up any spectator you come across. Ask them to come with you to a nearby car and pick a dead fly off the windscreen. You hold it in your hand, do a few passes with the other hand and appear to be really concentrating as the fly slowly comes back to life to the surprise of the spectator. Here at Mighty Magic Tricks we give you instruction for yet another interesting magic trick - More...

First and most inportant preparation step is to freeze the fly. You can surely presume the rest of the trick from here.

What you have to do is catching a fly and freeze it which puts it in a temporary coma, this can be done by swatting the fly hard enough to immobilise it then placing it in a small container in the freezer. Afterwards, the fly needs to be quickly taken to a suitable windscreen in the shade and placed there.

It is important that the car is in the shade to prevent the fly from defrosting too soon and flying away.

Now, go and find yourslef a spectator and take him/her back to the car which should appear to be randomly picked. The trick in reviving the "dead fly" is that the heat of your hand will revive the fly which should soon start to move.

Most of this trick is in the actions of you reviving the fly. It may be necessary to practice how long does it take for the fly to revive itself.

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  1. Anonymous Emma 

    Not very funny trick, poor fly.

  2. Anonymous betty 

    i like to freeze flys and put them in peoples drwes so when they open them swams of flys fly free

  3. Anonymous Jim 

    Who gives a sh*t. Its just a fly.

  4. Anonymous C-Bunny 

    thats mean and gross. i mean really who cares if u bring a fly to life it wasnt ever even dead. second of all thats like harrasing the fly. who would WANT to hold a fly? thats icky. Thats like the worst trick ever. Almoust.

  5. Anonymous Sean 

    That's actually pretty clever... I don't know why I never thought of it.

  6. Anonymous Generic Name 

    My brother's ex once did something like that. She and her classmates got a whole bunch of flys, froze them then stuck bits of white paper to them and stuck them in a plastic bag and waited for them to come around. The when a teacher came into the classroom, they opened the bag and a swarm of white flys went round the room making it look like a snow storm. Sent the teacher insane apparently.

  7. Anonymous someone 


    'Not very funny trick, poor fly.'

    ITS jus a Frickin FLY

    PS.I bet shes in PETA

  8. Anonymous Just me 

    Wow grow up, its a cool trick.

  9. Anonymous Paul 

    Will this trick also work with small animals and children?

  10. Anonymous nina 

    paul you're funny

  11. Anonymous ninafromtheblock 

    "Paul on 6:25 AM

    Will this trick also work with small animals and children?"

    ROFL :D

  12. Anonymous nik 

    I tryed this. Left it in the freezer for mayb 20 min....i think the fly died lol. Preformer beware don't kill the fly.

  13. Anonymous Sve-Arne 

    mmhhh, i try this with my girlfriend. (54 kg, 165 cm) for ca. 2 Hours, 25 Minutes in the freezer. It works well. thanks sven

  14. Anonymous Thomas Pitt 

    Hay man thanks very much dood, I like the occult and I want magic that can be very strange and differnt. So if any person wants to pop by some time and show me a strange trick or link to one would be cool.

  15. Anonymous Dean Vefik 

    COmmon stop being mean. İf u use your mind you can make this trick better with your mind. Use a butterfly, a spider, even maybe a bird(like david blain) this great will be even better when you think over it...

  16. Anonymous Danny Rod 

    It can actually very funny to watch, if you perform it well. And of course the fly was never dead, but the spectator obviously doesn't know that. And you can say that roght now you have "power" to resurrect a fly, but you can build them up and resurrect a dog or something, and later a person (bullshit, of course):P and just leave them thinking.

  17. Anonymous Mike 


  18. Anonymous it must be me 

    u can also do this and tie a rope round da fy and hold the other end

  19. Anonymous Random Web Type Person 

    whats even more entertaining than this is to freeze a bee, but before you let him thaw out tie a string around his midsection like a leash... then take it outside and let it thaw... im sure when you new pet comes too he's going to want to go for walk... good thing hes on that string... he cant get to far then.

  20. Anonymous Ashish 

    Ha ha what the heel is this....i 've never seen something stupid like this

    hey by the way i am thinking of working out this trick on some of my friends

  21. Anonymous Joe Smoe 

    How long do you need to freeze the fly for?

  22. Anonymous JYH 

    I used to the put a leash on the fly and walk around. It was absolutly hilarious!

    Freeze the fly 5-10 minute in any freezer should be enough. Used a very thin dental floss and, VERY DELICATLY, make a small knot around one of the fly's leg. Don't have it too long or the weight of the leash will be too heavy for the fly to carry for long.

  23. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Cruel. How about some real magic tricks with out harming living things...then maybe we would be interested.

  24. Anonymous Doc 

    Don't worry people, The fly isn't harmed, Just think of it as you taking an Anti-Depresent, Lol

  25. Anonymous Anonymous 

    A fly in my lab tried this with liquid nitrogen and died. It was his own fault.

  26. Blogger Williwa 

    I already know how to do that. It is still neat, though. Never gets old!

  27. Anonymous graybaka 

    Clever trick, but really, if you were teh fly, would you wanna be put in a coma and then frozen, just for the porpose of some little magic trick?

  28. Anonymous Anonymous 

    but we're not flies and we're never going to become flies. So what's the big deal? We are not damaging the fly, we are not putting any HARM to it, so what's wrong? It's just a harmless magic trick that doesn't hurt anybody, including the fly!!!

  29. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Don't hurt the fly ??? WTF ??? I bet you swat mosquitos, and step on cockroaches and spiders... Justify that... morons !

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