The one-handed cut tehnique allows you to hold a card deck in your hand, break it apart into two sections and exchange their positions - all with a use of a single hand. It’s a flashy card move that is also known as the Charlier cut and will at least make you look cool and professional. Learn how to preform one-hand cut tehnique - More...


1. Hold the deck in your hand. (Left hand is used in this example so right-handed readers should simply “mirror” the image.)

2. Using your thumb, release the bottom-half of the card deck (B) and let if fall into your hand. Meanwhile, hold the upper-half of the card deck (A) between your thumb and fingers.

3. Using your middle finger, push the lower-half (B) of the card deck up, pivoting it on its long edge against your hand, until it “clears’ the upper-half (A) of the deck.

4. Once the lower-half (B) “clears” the upper-half (A), let the upper-half fall into your palm. At this point, you can simply use your thumb to push the lower-half (B) onto the upper-half (A). The top and bottom halves of the card deck have exchanged positions.

Here at Mighty Magic Tricks (c) we advise you, that when learning one-hand cut, separate the card deck into two parts and hold the segments together using rubberbands. This allows you to learn the move more quickly without having to constantly pickup dropped cards. When you’re confident enough with the cut, remove the rubberbands and keep practicing until you reach perfection.

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  1. Anonymous ListerStorm 

    Always wanted to do that, ever since the SGT. Bilco movie

  2. Anonymous Yoeri 

    SWEET Always wanted to learn that after I saw it on Hustle

  3. Anonymous harmlessinc 

    Also known as the hopping the deck, useful for nullifying someones cutting the deck after a false shuffle.

  4. Anonymous NeverSummer 

    the instructions were really helpful except i found it easier to use the index finger instead of the middle but thanks

  5. Anonymous chill 

    no doubt the index finger was a hell of lot easier

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I like my way better...

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