Levitating Card Magic Trick

The magic of this trick is when the magician puts one of the cards under his hand and then slowly lifts his hand and the cards float with his hand. When the magician is holding his hand above the table, he pulls the cards of his hand and drops them on the table. Here's the secret that lyies behind this magic trick - More...

For this trick you will need a ring, matchstick and some cards. You must put the ring on your middle finger and then put the matchstick under your ring so that both sides of the match are sticking out.

Next step is to place your hand palms down on the table and place a card under your palm but above the matchstick. You should practice this move few times to make it look like your just placing a card under your palm and not above a matchstick that sticks from your ring.

You should be able to lift your hand from the table, press your fingers down a little on the back of the cards and they will remain in position.

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  1. Anonymous bob 

    yes sure

  2. Anonymous yummy 

    yummy yum yum

  3. Anonymous Me 

    Why is that even considered a trick?

  4. Anonymous dfdsfgsdfg 

    i dont get it...

  5. Anonymous antman 

    thats not that cool.

  6. Anonymous blahblah 


  7. Anonymous hi 


  8. Anonymous aaaaaaaaaaaaa 


  9. Anonymous Maria 

    this is good but stupid, any moron could decode this

  10. Anonymous ur mom 

    i dont get it.

  11. Anonymous Bob 

    I've always wanted to do this, but I don't get it.

  12. Anonymous Bob 

    What the heck. I don't get it at all.

  13. Anonymous lukas238 

    The card is -in fact- hold by the match, that is hold by the ring.

    Very bad 'trick'.

  14. Anonymous mike 


  15. Anonymous Dude 

    i could have figured that out wen i was 2 years old

  16. Anonymous slim 

    i dont get this mess man

  17. Anonymous lol 

    lolu guys are harsh but all i want to do is levitate!! i only did it once but i cant do it anymore why!!

  18. Anonymous fadfasdgfdsaffdfSAdfdSAdf 

    do not get it bla lba abl

  19. Anonymous sudarshan 

    hi this is not cool yar

  20. Anonymous caca 

    caca pito

  21. Anonymous Goran 

    yea i dont get it either cuz its too close to your hand that theyll figure it out!

  22. Anonymous Loolo 

    wot ever

  23. Anonymous bubba 

    dumbest trick i have ever heard of

  24. Anonymous Sid 

    Not cool confusing

  25. Anonymous Sid 

    very dumb and stupid

  26. Anonymous Amazed 

    nice and depressin

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