Cups & Balls Magic Trick

Some people consider cups & balls magic trick to be the oldest recorded magic trick. Apparently they are depicted on the walls of Great Pyramids in Egypt. Professional magicians such as Tim Ellis, Johnny Ace Palmer, Suzanne, Brian Ochab and Michael Ammar perform stunning and advanced versions of this classic, never the less beginning magicians can also make simple versions of this trick that result in a mystifying sequence. Here's how it's done - More...


This trick requires some time to learn as there is a set sequences to memorize. The results will surely be satisfying to beginners and their audiences. Inexpensive plastic versions can be purchased for less than 5$ and it shouldn't be a problem for you to obtain them. There are also Pro versions with metal cups that can cost up to hundreds of dollars. The version we provide here features inexpensive aluminum cups that are really cheap t buy. This basic routine consists of 3 stackable cups and 3 small balls.

You simply stack two cups, place a ball on top of the stack and place the third cup over the entire stack.

When you lift the 3-cup stack, the ball is seen to have penetrated through the two cups and is found on the table.

Once again you stack two cups and place over the ball that has already journeyed through the cups. 2nd ball is placed on top of the two-cup stack and the 3rd cup is placed over the entire stack!

When you lift the three-cup stack, 2nd ball is seen to have penetrated through the two cups and is found on the table with the first ball.

For the finale, you place one cup over the two balls on the table, rest another cup on the table a short distance away, put the last ball on top of that cup and place the last cup on top of the ball.

Then you should lift the first cup to show that the third ball has mysteriously joined the other two under the first cup. That's it!

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  1. Anonymous bbhimom=2341294898 

    How does this help anyone PERFORM the trick?

  2. Anonymous Pesce 

    Can you provide more information on the supplies used in the demonstration? I'm wondering whether it is an inexpensive cups and balls kit or if they are alternative materials that you found on the cheap.

  3. Anonymous Sliker_Hawk 

    Well, you see, it tells you how to.

  4. Anonymous xluryan 

    you should put videos of it being performed up here. that would really help us see what's going on :)

  5. Anonymous nina 

    this trick is called cups and balls hahahahahahaa

  6. Anonymous KYLE 

    i think you should tell us how the ilussion works it would be very helpful to us and i think all the sites with the trick cups and balls they dont tell you you have to buy the kit and a book and if you told us how to do it you would get alot more people on ur site =D

  7. Anonymous Uday 

    I cant understand how to do

  8. Anonymous ftrtyhht 

    you need to give better instructions dummy

  9. Anonymous smily9017 

    dude this doesn't tell us anything about how to do the trick.

  10. Anonymous fire guy 

    But how does it work??????????

  11. Anonymous Simion 

    I still dont know how 2 do it thou

  12. Anonymous Hi My Name Is Me 

    i still dont get how it works.....

  13. Anonymous the magician 

    there are four balls.
    the first one is hidden under the middle cup and the spectator doesn't see it.

    so, the magician places the a ball over over the middle cup (that already has a ball inside), places the other cups over that one, and abracadabra, the ball apears to have penetrated the metal.

    as you take off the cups on top, one of them keeps the fourth ball and secretly places it on top of the other. now you have two balls together and the spectator thinks that under the middle cup is only one ball. and so on goes the trick.

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