This classic magic trick is also known as the chameleon hanks. The magician places a red handkerchief in his/her hand, and when it’s pushed out the other side, it emerges a different color. While this trick relies on a gimmick, it also requires you to learn to work with your both hands. Done right, it’s absolutely fabulous to spectators arround you! Here's how it should be preformed. More...

In this Trick, the magician appears to make a handkerchief of one color change to another color simply by pushing it through his/her hand. At the end, the magician shows his hand is empty after the change. After that, the magician pushes the handkerchief through the hand once again, which turns the handkerchief into another color. At the end, the magician shows that his or her hand is empty. He continuously runs a handkerchief through a hand to show that it's empty.

The magician pushes the handkerchief through a closed hand and pulls it out a different color.

Once the handkerchief has changed colors, the magician shows his hand is empty.

The magician continuously runs the handkerchief through a hand to show that it is empty.

The magician pushes again the handkerchief through the closed hand, and pulls out yet a different color.

Once the handkerchief has changed colors, the magician shows his hand is empty.

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  1. Anonymous Jon 

    Neat, but how in the world is it done?

  2. Anonymous Truthspew 

    Magic is all about misdirection. You're palming the other handkerchief in the opposite hand. Hence saying it teaches you how to work with both hands. Notice that the fingers on the right hand are always curled up? That's because they're holding another handkerchief in there.

  3. Anonymous Valinor 

    Not necessarily; it says there is a gimmick used and if you practise magic much you probably know what it is.

  4. Anonymous asfasdf 

    i think one hankercheif is a different color on each side, so hence theres 2 of them involved

  5. Anonymous Elle 

    Actually, I had one of these handkerchiefs. At the end of it is a hole where you pull the other side with the different colors out of causing the previous colors to disappear. In reality, it just goes inside of itself. You can see in the second picture that he is pushing it inside of itself. The reason he keeps his fist closed is that he is hiding the opening or "hole" that's at the end or when doing a color exchange the hole is in the middle. Does that make sense? Lol.

  6. Anonymous Klastic 

    Yea i had one of those things when i was like really little, they are pretty cool.

  7. Anonymous fan 


  8. Anonymous cody 

    actually i think a thumb tip is used

  9. Anonymous how? 

    how the hell?

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