Even though this trick is great to win some bets, I would like to warn you that smoking causes health problems so you shouldn't smoke while preforming this trick, rather just light the cigartte and let it burn away while you hold it in your hands. You can challenge your friend or audience to see who can hold the lit cigarette the longest period of time without losing any ash. If you preform this trick the right way, you should win every time! Here's how this trick should be preformed - More...

You will need just a packet of cigarettes and paperclip. The trick is in hiding the paperclip inside the cigarette! Simply straighten the paperclip and slide it down your cigarette. Make sure it slightly digs into the filter to give it some stability. Snip off the end so that your cigarette looks normal with no protruding wire. That's the whole explanation! You can post reactions of your audience in comments section and give us all some laughs. Have fun!

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  1. Anonymous bob 


  2. Anonymous Frank 

    my face got smashed badly, because my "friends" found out that I cheated on them. They wanted the 200 quid they put into the bet back... thank you very much!

  3. Anonymous Me 

    It's your fault, Frank, not the people who wrote this.

  4. Anonymous lala 

    wow, bob is stupid... and this trick actually went over quite well with my friends... lol they first wanted to know why in the worlI was carrying a pack of cigarettes, and then I took one out and lit it "for the smell"... of course, they quickly noticed that the ash wasn't falling, and freaked out, then we all made bets who could do it! Of course, I won!

  5. Anonymous frank is an idiot 

    your an idiot frank if your betting 200 quid with your 'friends'

    you are such a dumbass

  6. Anonymous #5 lol 

    yes because of course frank wasnt joking..

  7. Anonymous .. 

    well done frank..smooth..real smooth!

  8. Anonymous JEWman 

    Seems Like Some People Are Wasting Alot Of Cigs And They Sure Do Cost A Lot Of $$ These Days

  9. Anonymous wut up 

    mimped out man.

  10. Anonymous Bla 


  11. Anonymous Thor 

    cool trick laughed my ass of

  12. Anonymous LasyMeen 

    Dear Folk!
    How you have met Christmas?
    You have brought a smile to my face all year long. ... I never would have met such a fun, interesting group of people.
    Mark Oem

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