Coin Folding Trick


After a longer pause, I'm back with yet another money trick. Money is something we all need, it's just that we never have enough of it. Thats why money tricks are always awesome, just watch out so you don't get into trouble. This one uses coins and not paper money but the effect is the same, your friend loses a buck, and you get a buck. All you need is a piece of paper, one coin (just make sure that the paper is big enough so you can fold it correctly over the coin) and a magic wand or something similar which you will keep in your pocket. You just need to learn how to fold the paper so you can use it right during the trick. The video will show you how to do it as well how to improve your performance.

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Money Making Trick


After several rounds of drinks at your local pub with your friends, you could find yourself out of money. But in those cases you could easily impress your good (and a bit drunk :) ) friends by turning normal paper into money. This video details how you do it exactly as you need 5 or more pieces of paper that are cut so they have the same dimensions as the money you are going to turn it in. Also, an idea that I find funny is that, after you pay the tab, your friends might ask you to make more money. But this time use their money (say something like you are gonna multiply it) and do the reverse version, "destroying" their money into several pieces of paper...Just remember to give it back or you could have trouble with you good (and drunk) friends.

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Magic Wand Trick


Now, as a skilled magician, you will probably need a magical wand. But waving it around isn't enough to make it magical, so you will need to learn how to perform some tricks with it. This video shows such basic trick. Even if you don't have a wand yourself, you can easily make one or buy one. Listen closely to the performer as he gives valuable tips on how to do the trick as other valuable information.

Also don't forget to send me your own tricks and/or ideas, and I might post them on the site so that everyone can enjoy and perform them.

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It's time for another magic trick, and it's a card one. The trick looks simple, but the narrator may try to confuse you with his speech about This'n'that. Ignore him and try to crack the puzzle how did he manage to fool you, because I'm sure he did. He must have held the three different cards from the beginning, but he somehow managed to show us only two of them by clever card manipulation. I advise that after watching it for the first time, you watch it again but put the sound on mute so you can concentrate on only his hand movement.

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Magic Tricks REVEALED


After those normal and "serious" tricks and illusionist, I've decided to show you how many of those trick were done. As it may be violating their rights it may not be long before I have to remove this one, so hurry up and watch it for yourself. Because many of the ideas displayed here were so revolutionary, but still too complex for a regular person, the Illusionist (real name Chris Van Den Durpel) was thought to be a real magician and was overwhelmed with calls and E-mails. He was called so he could save from country's in distress to kittens from trees.

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Okey, I'm sick again so todays trick is just a video, but not from Criss Angel or some other "illusionist". It's from, non other, then David Copperfield. This time he doesn't mess with the small, childish tricks, but goes for the big league. He makes the whole Statue of Liberty disappear! Now there are a lot of speculations about how this trick was performed, from fake statue to a rotating platform where the audience was sited. I tried looking for a clue for any possibility but was without luck. Let me hear if you find something.

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I've read in your comments and e-mails how you find this site stagnating and that you want more tricks or that vurdlak returns to managing this place. Well I will try to fulfill your first request with this trick. It is very simple as you only need a rope long enough and two hands. Just tie the ends together so they hold during the trick (so you don't embarrass yourself) and let the magic flow. The video below is very helpful in the demonstration as it shows how it's exactly done and it gives you some ideas to make your performance more original.

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As this site grows it becomes harder and harder to bring you new and fresh material. But thanks to you who E-mail me their ideas and tricks, the managing of this site is made allot easier. I've received your tricks, so expect to see them soon on Mighty Magic Tricks.

As for todays trick, I've picked another video showing Criss Angel doing what he does best...Cutting people. Note that the video might be disturbing to some people so if you are easily intimidated or have children watching, it's better not to look at it.

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